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The Company We Keep

Posted by on August 10, 2011 in the Gay Porn Movies category with 2 comments

Another glimpse into the gay porn past of straight porn legend Peter North, from the Colt Studio classic The Company We Keep.

In this scene, Peter (aka Matt Ramsey) nearly wrecks his van when hitchhiker Brad Phillips leans over to give him a blowjob while he’s driving down the highway. So he pulls over so they can climb into the back for some flip-flip fucking.

Back in the ’90s, when evidence of his gay porn career started showing up on the internet, Peter North tried to claim the gay porn photos were created using computer generated fakery. But, as you can see from this clip, that’s all Peter.

Visit Colt Studios to watch the full scene and see Peter North take it up the butt.

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    pls help me iam acting to blue fillm no money

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