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Tanner Chidester

Posted by on June 22, 2016 in the Eye Candy category with no comments

Tanner Chidester (All American Guys)

Some frustratingly tasteful shots of fitness trainer Tanner Chidester modeling underwear — but just barely. Find more of this fine specimen at All-American Guys.

“Tanner Chidester is one of the most established male fitness models in the industry. Tanner comes from the lonestar state of Texas and has made a splash all around the world. Tanner started his own online fitness training company as well as appearing on the front of multiple magazine covers. Tanner has been featured on magazine/ calendar covers such as DNA and Masculine Mag. The present is bright for Tanner and his future in this industry is even brighter. Be on the lookout for Tanner to explode into the spotlight in the next few months.” — All-American Guys

Tanner Chidester (All American Guys)

Tanner Chidester (All American Guys)

Tanner Chidester (All American Guys)

Tanner Chidester (All American Guys)

All American Guys
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