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Sense8 XXX — Dato does Darius

Dato Foland & Darius Ferdynand (Super Gay Hero)

Dato Foland and Darius Ferdynand fuck hard after a dangerous encounter” — Super Gay Hero


Sense8 XXX — Jay tops Gabriel

Gabriel Cross & Jay Roberts (Super Gay Hero)

Jay Roberts is busy stroking his dick in Berlin when he receives a surprise visit from Gabriel Cross, who was just moments ago getting off in Dublin. The guys use their Sense 8 powers for pleasure to their fullest potential, starting with a sensual body rub that leads to Jay fucking Gabriel’s tight pink hole in a Dublin stairwell.” — Super Gay Hero


Sense8 XXX — Sunny & Hector

Sunny Colucci & Hector de Silva (Super Gay Hero)

Sunny Colucci and Hector de Silva find themselves together in the same room, though they live thousands of miles apart. The guys use their Sense8 abilities to an orgasmically satisfying climax.” — Super Gay Hero


Sense8 XXX — Paddy tops Logan

Paddy O'Brian & Logan Moore in Sense8 XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Some individuals have the ability to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions. In part 1 of this Sense8 porn series Paddy O’Brian and Logan Moore are two of those individuals and have an urgent need to find out how and why it’s happening but not before addressing their hard-ons.” — Super Gay Hero


Star Wars XXX — A Force 3-way

Aspen, Kaden Alexander & Griffin Barrows in Star Wars XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Rey (Griffin Barrows) swoops in to rescue Finn (Kaden Alexander) from Kylo Ren and his horny Stormtroopers. Rey, Finn, and Poe (Aspen) are finally reunited, and the young men celebrate by unleashing their forces from within. A galactic fuck-fest connects these heroes of the galaxy far far away as they take turns slobbering on each other’s cock and balls and mounting each other’s rods.” — Super Gay Hero


Star Wars XXX — Kylo fucks Rey

Griffin Barrows & Wesley Woods in Star Wars XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“An exhausting lightsaber duel turns into a passionate suck and fuck fest between Rey (Griffin Barrows) and Kylo Ren (Wesley Woods). These two are strong in the force and hard in the sack.” — Super Gay Hero


Star Wars XXX — Finn gets fucked

Colby Keller, Jay Roberts & Kaden Alexander in Star Wars XXX (Super Gay Hero)

Gasp! A black Stormtrooper! Phasma gets a gender reassignment and Finn gets spit-roasted in this gay porn parody of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Star Wars XXX — Kylo & Poe

Aspen & Wesley Woods in Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody (Super Gay Hero)

“In A Gaylaxy Far Far Away… Poe (Aspen) is captured and stripped bare by Kylo Ren (Wesley Woods). Poe may not have what Kylo is looking for… but he does have a hard cock and a tight ass. A ferocious fuck breaks out between these two enemies, each taking turns invading the other’s tight ass.” — Super Gay Hero


Tarzan XXX — Jungle foursome

Diego Sans, Tobias, Luke Adams & Colton Grey in Tarzan XXX. (Super Gay Hero)

“Colton Grey and Luke Adams are wandering around the jungle looking for Tobias and decide to stop for some rest. Tarzan pops out of nowhere with Tobias in tow. Reunited at last! Tobias explains where he’s been and what he’s been teaching Tarzan; who is eagerly pawing at his 2 new discoveries. It doesn’t take much longer before all four of them are sucking and fucking in the conclusion of Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Tarzan XXX — Colton & Luke

Colton Grey & Luke Adams in Tarzan XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Stranded ashore a lush tropical island, Luke Adams and Colton Grey cope with surviving the jungle by exploring each other’s dark dank holes. Colton readies Luke’s delicious cock with his warm wet mouth then opens his hole with his probing tongue before plunging his rock hard dick deep inside Luke’s eager ass. Luke returns the favor by fucking Colton up against the palms of this tropical rainforest as a native resident watches from the bushes… Hardcore action from Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Tarzan XXX — Diego & Tobias

Tobias & Diego Sans in Tarzan XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Tied up with vines and threatened by a venomous snake, Tobias struggles to survive in the jungle. It seems Tarzan has other plans for the stranded westerner as he realizes just how similar they are. His animalistic instincts taking over, Tarzan is taught a thing or two about sex by Tobias as they passionately hook up at the base of a beautiful waterfall. Hardcore action from Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Captain America XXX — Steve Rogers & Nick Fury

Alex Mecum & XL in Captain America XXX (Super Gay Hero)

Steve Rogers is done taking orders from Nick Fury. This time he’s going to show him who’s boss in part 4 of Captain America: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.