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Mario tops Sean

Mario & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Newbie Mario had so much fun in his solo that he had to come back as soon as possible for some ass. Who are we to deprive him? Luckily for Mario, Sean was more than happy to take him on. These two hotties got along right from the start; they seem to have similar laidback personalities, and the same desire for some hot ass pounding action!” — Sean Cody


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Frankie tops Sean

Sean & Frankie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Knowing about each other’s popularity on Sean Cody had both Frankie and Sean excited to explore one another. They meshed really well, seeing as they brought each other’s wild sides out for a spin.” — Sean Cody


Mateo tops Sean

Sean & Mateo (Sean Cody)

Mateo and Sean are like two buddies just hanging out, throwing around a football and helping each other get off. What else are friends for?” — Sean Cody


Caleb gets spit-roasted

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Caleb, a handsome blond college boy, gives his buddies Lucas and Sean a double-barrelled blowjob before getting spit-roasted in this all-American threeway from Corbin Fisher.


Nixon tops Sean

Sean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

“Newbie Nixon just can’t get enough, so he’s back for some more ass! Sean has a bit of a crush on the muscle stud. He likes everything about him, especially ‘his core and his arms,’ and as they were throwing the football around, Sean just enjoyed the view of the hottie in front of him. ‘I wanna throw it to him, but I just wanna see him standing there…’ Sean couldn’t wait to take Nixon on in the bedroom, and begged for more as Nixon gave him exactly that, and then some… ending with a nice facial. Nixon is definitely a keeper!” — Sean Cody


Landon tops Sean

Sean & Landon: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Landon and Sean just wanted to go straight to fucking, so they played some ball for a bit before playing with each other’s balls… Sean was in for it, but he took Landon’s dick like a champ. He amazes us with his bottoming skills more and more every time we see him. These two hung hotties fucked, jizzed, and we’re left satisfied…mission accomplished!” — Sean Cody


Sean & Manny flip-fuck

Manny & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“‘Manny, what are you excited for today?’ He happily replied, ‘I’m excited to take some dick today!’ Sean looked at him strangely, ‘Me first!’ Manny had something else to be excited about, too! That’s right, Sean and Manny flip-fuck! What better scenario than having these two big-dicked guys going at it? Manny continued, ‘I’ve heard big things…’ Sean was equally impressed by Manny’s credentials, ‘Ooh, that makes two of us!’ When it came down to it, Sean really gave it to Manny hard and deep, throwing him around and using his hole to its fullest potential. Manny took it like a champ and blew the biggest load he’s ever blown! Then it was Manny’s turn. Sean was the lucky one to get to be the first on Sean Cody to get fucked by Manny…this cum-filled flip flop scene is surely going to please many.” — Sean Cody


Grayson tops Sean

Grayson & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“It didn’t take long to get Grayson to come back and show us that even the calm ones have wild sides. He was extra excited to be paired up with Sean to explore that side of him. ‘I’m a big fan of Sean, I hear he’s got a big dick.’ Sean proudly responded, ‘Yes, I do!’ Grayson was curious, ‘Can I see it?’ He definitely liked what he saw, then Sean pulled his shorts back up and Grayson was left wondering about the other side. ‘Are you an ass guy, Grayson?’ He had a look of anticipation in his eyes, ‘Yeah!’ He certainly showed us he’s an ass guy. He used Sean’s hole so good and blew a warm load right inside of him!” — Sean Cody


Sean & Dean flip-fuck

Dean & Sean (Sean Cody)

“Sean and Dean both know how to have fun and turn any situation into something entertaining — even building a bike together turned into a game for these two goofballs. It was time to talk business, though.

‘You guys have both bottomed and both topped, what’s today going to be like?’

Dean answered confidently, ‘I think we should both bottom and both top.’

After work came play, and after play came a different kind of play. Both Sean and Dean were really into each other, and you could tell they wanted to fuck badly. Sean fucked Dean first and really gave him something to work with. Then it was Dean’s turn to shove his dick up Sean’s ass. This scene proved to be a great, cum-filled flip-fuck with these versatile studs!” — Sean Cody


Daniel tops Sean

Daniel & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Watching Daniel and Sean hanging out and getting to know each other, it almost seems like they have been best friends their entire lives. These two hit it off from the second they met and the rest was history.

‘There is just something I really like about Daniel.’ Sean admitted. ‘He’s always making me laugh and just puts a smile on my face.’

For these guys we knew from the moment we hit record on the cameras that there was no way we were going to be able to contain them, so we basically let them call the shots. The result is just watching Daniel and Sean have a great time on and off the set.

Daniel brought his rough and aggressive fucking and Sean was a champ and took everything Daniel threw at him.” — Sean Cody


Sean bottoms for Jess

Jess & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“We were really excited to get these two big-dicked models together for a scene. In fact, Jess and Sean probably have the biggest dicks on Sean Cody, which makes it even more exciting! You would think there would be some sort of competition between them, but admiration took over instead, specifically when Sean revealed what was hidden in his shorts. ‘That’s you soft? Oh man, I can’t wait to see this get big!’ Jess was completely shocked.

Sean smiled, ‘There’s so much in store for you, I swear.’

After a nice long walk in nature, these two stallions headed back for some real action and did not disappoint. Sean keeps impressing us as a bottom. He definitely knows how to take it deep… especially Jess’s huge cock!” — Sean Cody


Randy & Sean flip-fuck

Randy & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“We all know that both Sean and Randy have huge dicks, but we wanted to see what would happen if they were put together for a film. The result was not disappointing. Randy was up first for taking the dick and right off the bat you could see how overwhelmed he was.

‘Holy fuck. That’s one of the most intense things ever!’ Needless to say, Randy was fuck drunk.

‘I’m really impressed you were able to take the whole thing,’ Sean chimed in. ‘A lot of people cant.’

Sean pounded him out for a while until it was Randy’s turn to repay the favor. ‘At first it was a little rough, until it was time to cum and it was fucking amazing… I would do it again!’ Sean smiled.” — Sean Cody


Sean tops Porter

Sean & Porter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

There was a time when the biggest thing Porter ever had up his ass was Randy’s gigantic cock. That all changed after he met Sean. Porter was so excited by the prospect of getting fucked by Sean’s big dick that he had a visible erection showing through his tight shorts during his interview. When Sean bends Porter over the couch you can here Porter’s hard cock thumping on the sofa cushions as Porter fucks him until he blows a load.


Tate tops Sean

Tate & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Tate, a power bottom, gets to top for a change. When he pounds gay-for-pay porn stud Sean, things get really nasty.


Sean tops Graham

Sean & Graham: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Graham soon realizes that he likes it rough after Sean gags him with his jock and then smacks and taps his hot little ass. Sean marks his territory by busting a nut all over Grahams face and by leaving a bright red handprint on his juicy bubble butt.


Sean tops Forrest

Forrest & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Sean has a ginormous cock. And Forrest has a big, juicy bubble butt. Watch Forrest’s man mounds jiggle when Sean taps that ass.