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A raunchy Roulette parody

If you’ve ever wondered whatever happened to Reese Rideout, wonder no more. Lately, you can find Reese (aka Nick Dent) on Youtube in skintight lycra, covorting with every ass man’s fantasy Bryan Hawn. Here’s the bubble butted duo in a Katy Perry music video parody that harkens back to that vintage Randy Blue porn video where Reese took on Chris Rockway during a ranchy wrestling match. God, how I miss the old Randy Blue!


Reese Rideout tops Jarrett Rex

Never Been Fucked 3 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

It’s Jarrett Rex losing his anal virginity to Reese Rideout in Randy Blue’s cherry-popping compilation video Never Been Fucked 3.


Chris Rockway bottoming

Alley Cats — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Flashback to a rare moment when handsome top Chris Rockway bottomed, alongside Reese Rideout, in a group sex scene from the Randy Blue homage to homo sex and film noir Alley Cats.


Reese Rideout tops Josh Conners

Josh Conners & Reese Rideout

Don’t call it a comeback! Because the word cumback is more appropriate. In Reese Rideout‘s return to Randy Blue, he makes all of Josh Conners‘ porn fantasies come true. This includes a hot blowjob, some finger banging, a safe sex creampie, and a gooey oral cum shot with some snowballing.


Reese Rideout & Xander Scott

Reese Rideout & Xander Scott

Softcore glamour shots of Reese Rideout and Xander Scott from their hardcore blowjob scene.


Nick Dent

Nick Dent (aka Reese Rideout)

Now where have I seen this guy before? Those butt cheeks seem very familiar to me. Wait… wait… It’ll come to me.


Reese Rideout tops Sean Zevran

Sean Zevran & Reese Rideout

Sean Zevran has always wanted to fuck Reese Rideout, and now he finally gets the chance. Reese gives him every inch of his cock and then drops a load all over Sean’s handsome face before licking it up…


Reese Rideout & Kyle Hennessy

Reese Rideout fucks Kyle Hennessy

Reese Rideout fucks Kyle Hennessy‘s hot little ass…


Reese Rideout tops Trent Davis

Reese Rideout fucks Trent Davis

Trent Davis bottoms for Reese Rideout. And from the look on his face, Trent couldn’t wait to get Reese’s dick inside him!


Reese Rideout tops Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner & Reese Rideout

Reese Rideout pounces on Paul Wagner, then after a slurpy 69, fucks him silly…


Reese Rideout tops Cayden Ross

Reese Rideout & Cayden Ross

Reese Rideout hooks up with Cayden Ross at Randy Blue. Hardcore gay fuck pics after the jump…


Reese Rideout does Jarrett Rex

Reese goes down on Jarrett

Two years ago Reese Rideout gave Jarrett Rex his first gay blowjob. Now Reese gets to be the first man to fuck Jarrett’s bi-curious butt. More nude glamour shots and hardcore action pics after the jump…


Reese Rideout tops Gabriel Cross

Reese Rideout fucks Gabriel Cross

Reese Rideout pounds Gabriel Cross‘s cute little twinky ass…


Reese Rideout stripper exams

Part two of Reese Rideout‘s stripper lesson finds the students performing for their teacher. I’m partial to the cute little blond.