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Raising the Bar Pt. IV

Episode 4: Conner Habib & Jimmy Durano

Real life boyfriends Jimmy Durano and Conner Habib make a homemade sex tape in the fourth episode of the hardcore web series Raising the Bar. Hardcore pics after the jump…


Raising the Bar Pt. II

Episode 1: Mitchell Rock

In Episode 2 of Raising the Bar Brent Everett fucks Mitchell Rock in a sex shop, and the whole encounter is captured on a security camera. Hardcore pics after the jump…


Steven Daigle money shot

Jock Hudson gives Steve Daigle a facial

I bet Jock Hudson’s cum tastes better than Big Brother slop. Former reality star Steven Daigle gets a facial in Episode 1 of C1R’s hardcore gay web series Raising the Bar.

Raising the Bar Pt. I

Episode 1: Steven Daigle

Raising the Bar — a new web series from C1R about five oversexed friends in a competition to see who can videotape the most outrageous sexual encounter. Starring Jimmy Durano, Steven Daigle, Adam Killian, Mitchell Rock, and Conner Habib.

In Episode 1 Steven Daigle (from the CBS reality series Big Brother) fucks a straight bartender (Jock Hudson) while his wife waits for him in the car…