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Paddy O’Brian gang bang

Prisoner of War -- A Paddy O'Brian gang bang (Jizz Orgy)

Paddy O’Brian’s not about to let his favorite boy-toy get used and abused. So when he finds him on his knees servicing Alex Brando, Gabriel Vanderloo and Damien Crosse, Paddy steps in and takes one — or more like three or four — for Allen King. Yes, it’s a Paddy O’Brian gang bang. But even though Paddy’s getting fucked like a bitch and showered in cum, he’s still the boss.


Paddy tops Gabriel

Drill My Hole -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Gabriel Vanderloo (Prisoner of War Part 3)

Paddy O’Brian starts out as a bound prisoner but quickly turns the tables on his captor Gabriel Vanderloo. First he fucks Gabriel’s face. Then Paddy bends him over and pounds his muscular ass. Their aggressive fuck comes to a messy conclusion with Gabriel cumming in his own mouth before Paddy drops a wad all over his chest.


Alex Brando tops Paddy O’Brian

Drill My Hole -- Alex Brando fucks Paddy O'Brian's ass in Prisoner of War Pt. 2

Paddy O’Brian hairy man hole gets stretched to the limit when he bottoms for Alex Brando in Prisoner of War Part 2 at Drill My Hole.


Paddy O’Brian tops Allen King

Prisoner of War -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Allen King

Paddy O’Brian firmly believes that no man’s behind should be left. Without exceptions. Especially if that behind is as high and tight as Allen King’s. From Prisoner of War at Drill My Hole.