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Eddie Jamison

Nude Playgirl model Eddie Jamison (aka Eddie Leone)

Like something out of Frank-N-Furter’s laboratory, Playgirl model Eddie Jamison (aka Eddie Leone) is blinding you with science in this kitschy homage to sci-fi movies.

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Jesse Santana

Gay porn star Jesse Santana (Playgirl)

Friday Flashback: Pierced porn superstar Jesse Santana recently came out of retirement for a scene with his real-life boyfriend Tyler Roberts. In case you’ve forgotten, here’s a little reminder of some of Jesse’s charms. In these stills from his jerk off scene in the Playgirl solo video Good To the Last Drop Jesse plays with his plump penis until he pops a wad.


Eric Zientek swinging large

Nude male model Eric Zientek (Playgirl)

Some more sexy shots of happy camper Eric Zientek swinging large in an outdoor Playgirl shoot.

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Scott Layne

Man of the Year Scott Layne (Playgirl)

Male stripper and part time actor Scott Layne was Playgirl Man of the Year for 1998.


Trevor Adams

Nude male model Trevor Adams. (Playgirl)

Playgirl Man of the Year Trevor Adams is seeing red in this erotic vampire photo chronicle. See more engorged full frontal nudes after the jump…


Darren Culmar

Darren Culmar

From the February 1988 issue of Playgirl magazine, beautiful blond football jock Darren Culmar (aka gay porn star Steve Hammond) visits the beach.


Vintage centerfold Bud Ralph

Vintage Playgirl centerfold Bud Ralph

Bud Ralph was the Playgirl centerfold in the December 1989 issue, a sexy ski instructor who promised to warm your cold winter nights. Can’t you just smell the hot cocoa and cocoa butter body lotion? Unfortunately it was the 1980s, and he was cursed with one of those godawful Captain Planet haircuts. But he was blessed with a smoking hot body.


Hakan Serbes in B&W

Horsehung straight male porn star Hakan Serbes in Playgirl

From the July 2001 issue of Playgirl magazine, it’s straight male porn star Hakan Serbes as a randy house painter who’s “making strokes with something other than his brush.”


Marc Reina centerfold

Nude Playgirl centerfold Marc Reina (aka gay porn star Eric Hanson)

Way back in December 2000 Playgirl magazine was still trying to pass itself off as exclusively “entertainment for women.” So when they made Marc Reina their Man of the Month, we weren’t supposed to know that he was really gay porn superstar Eric Hanson.


Kevin Michaels

Nude Playgirl model Kevin Michaels (aka Kevin Talley)

Kevin Michaels was Playgirl‘s Man of the Month for April 2005. He was offered the Man of the Year title, but turned it — along with a five-figure contract — after finding Jesus. See the prescious gift that he’s saving for the Lord after the jump…


Shannon Fuller

Playgirl -- Shannon Fuller (aka Pierce Edwards, Pierce Steel)

Spend a day at the beach with Shannon Fuller, a porn and fitness model who was Playgirl Man of the Year in 2003. This horsehung, blond hunk once had a Prince Albert and would sometimes make solo appearances in gay porn under the name Pierce.


Eric Reins

Playgirl -- Eric Reins (aka Ace Hanson)

Hot young Playgirl hunk Eric Reins (aka gay porn star Ace Hanson) is just doing his part to make soccer catch on in America. See the rest of him down below…


James Larson

James Larson (Playgirl - May 2002)

From the May 2002 issue, Playgirl Discovery James Larson. His cock is a thing of beauty. See it after the jump…


Donald Gutterman

Donald Gutterman (aka Chris Champion)

Donald Gutterman (aka gay porn star Chris Champion) a featured hunk who was billed as an “exquisite, blue-eyed angel” in the August 1995 issue of Playgirl magazine.


Breck Orshal centerfold

Breck Orshal

Here’s Breck Orshal who, at age 22, was the August 2005 centerfold for Playgirl magazine. He’s probably better known to gay porn fans as Gabe from Corbin Fisher.



Playgirl hunk Jarran

Meet Jarran, a DJ and hot young hunk featured in the Summer 2013 print edition of Playgirl magazine.