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Nils Tatum Art Collection

Big dicked gay porn star Nils Tatum. (Bel Ami Online)

Some sexy shots of Nils Tatum from his Bel Ami Art Collection. He’s handsome and hung and fit as fuck. Since his Bel Ami and Freshmen debut back in 2017 this versatile blond bottom is now more popular than ever.

Here’s what Nils has been up to at Bel Ami so far:

See more nudes from his lovely garden photo shoot after the jump…


Mael Gauthier tops Nils Tatum

Mael Gauthier & Nils Tatum (Bel Ami Online)

“Our Hungarian boys always hold a special place in all our hearts, and today we have asexy newcomer Mael Gauthier together with Czech dreamboat, Nils Tatum.

Every now and then our directors decide to include a bit of food in their foreplay and here Lukas Ridgeston has decided to have Mael tempting Nils with an apple, although, considering how Nils is dressed, he certainly had sex on his mind even before he walked in the door. Nils is the bottom for this scene and certainly enjoys the ‘extra large’ attention that Mael gives him.” — Bel Ami Online