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Randy tops Michael

Sean Cody -- Randy & Michael: Bareback

Randy fills Michael‘s tight little Asian ass with his uncut, girthy cock. This is Michael’s first time getting fucked by a guy who still has foreskin.


Jack tops Michael

Sean Cody -- Michael & Jack: Bareback

Here’s another David and Goliath matchup. Giant Jack hooks up with cute little Asian hottie Michael. I started to worry Jack would break him in half, because he pinned Michael down and pounded his ass while shoving his face into the mattress. Jack fucks him until he pops his wad, and then splooges on Michael’s ass. Then Michael gets down on his knees and sucks the sloppy cum drops off Jack’s cock.



Sean Cody -- Michael

Michael‘s a hunky Asian baseball player who likes pitching and catching. Watch him stroke his chubby cock in his first Sean Cody solo.