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Paddy O’Brian tops Mark Sanz

Naked Promotion -- Paddy O'Brian & Mark Sanz (Men of UK)

Paddy O’Brian’s a hard-driving boss breaking in his new assistant Mark Sanz.


Paddy O’Brian & McKensie Cross

Hard Knox -- Paddy O'Brian & McKenise Cross (Men of UK)

Paddy O’Brian fucks skinny bottom boy McKensie Cross and leaves him covered in cum in the conclusion to Men of UK‘s Hard Knox.


Paddy O’Brian tops Dakota Vice

Hard Knox -- Paddy O'Brian & Dakota Vice (Men of UK)

Watch Paddy O’Brian pound Dakota Vance’s hairy ass.


Paddy O’Brian & Alexis Belfort

Hard Knox -- Alexis Belfort & Paddy O'Brian (Men of UK)

Alexis Belfort gets a taste of Paddy O’Brian’s fat cock, and after a good ass pounding takes a face full of cum.


Paddy O’Brian tops Bruno Bernal

Hard Knox -- Paddy O'Brian & Bruno Bernal (Men of UK)

Paddy O’Brian just got out of prison and he needs a piece of ass. (What, did they keep in in solitary the whole time?) Bruno Bernal is happy to serve as Paddy’s little bitch, getting stuffed with Paddy’s thick cock and taking a sloppy load to the face. It’s part one of Men of UK’s series Hard Knox.


Paddy O’Brian tops Dani Robles

Men of UK -- Paddy O'Brian & Dani Robles (Body Locking)

Paddy O’Brian finally catches up with the stalker (Dani Robles) who’s been harassing him. And it’s a good thing he’s hot, because Paddy ready to give him a dose of his big, British cock so he’ll leave him alone. After Paddy fucks the cum out of Dani, Dani licks Paddy’s balls until he splooges all over his bearded face.


Paddy O’Brian tops Flex

Men of UK -- Flex & Paddy O'Brian (Body Locking)

Paddy O’Brian as a horny boxer who takes out his pent-up sexual frustration on his trainer, Flex. Paddy pound his ass in the ring and then unloads on his handsome face.


Alex Garcia tops Daniel Johnson

Men of UK -- Alex Garcia & Daniel Johnson (The Abbey)

Men of UK’s The Abbey concludes with a scene that will never happen on the real Downton Abbey. Especially now that Jimmy got sacked after Lord Grantham caught him shagging Lady Anstruther. In this hardcore porn fantasy Jimmy and Thomas (Daniel Johnson and Alex Garcia) take their gay/straight bromance to the next level.


Paul Walker tops Daniel Johnson

Men of UK -- Paul Walker & Daniel Johnson (The Abbey)

To the manor porn! Paul Walker is a not so noble lord who gets serviced by his loyal servant Daniel Johnson in Men of UK‘s XXX gay porn parody of Downton Abbey.


Paddy O’Brian tops Jace Tyler

Men of UK -- Jace Tyler & Paddy O'Brian (The Abbey)

It’s Paddy O’Brian playing the role of Branson the Irish chauffeur and Jace Tyler filling the role of the forward-thinking Lady Sybil in Men of UK‘s gay porn parody of Downton Abbey.


Darius & Alex flip-fuck

The Abbey -- Darius Ferdynand & Alex Garcia (Men of UK)

Some ribald upstairs/downstairs action featuring Alex Garcia as a wily footman who seduces a randy duke, played by Darius Ferdynand. Goodness me! The Dowager Countess would be scandalized. Um, they do know that a footman isn’t literally a foot man, right?


Paddy O’Brian tops Aitor Bravo

Aitor Bravo & Paddy O'Brian (Men of UK)

Aitor Bravo drops to his knees so he can suck Paddy O’Brian’s fat cock. Then Paddy lubes his ass with spit so he can drill his tight hole. The scene reaches a filthy climax with Paddy cumming all over Aitor’s face.


Paddy & Theo fuck for Damien

Men of UK -- Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brian & Theo Ford (Do As I Say)

Damien Crosse likes to watch. He orders Theo Ford to do Paddy O’Brian so he can jerk off while watching them fuck. When they finish fucking Damien eats their cum. It’s a kinky voyeurism scene from Men of UK.


D.O. & Donato Reyes flip-flop

Passion -- D.O. & Donato Reyes fuck each other (Men of UK)

Even though he’s a world famous top, gay porn superstar D.O.’s been known to give up his beautiful ass when paired with the right guy. That’s what happens during this passionate encounter with Donato Reyes. Watch Donato fuck the cum out of D.O. at Men of UK.