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Damien & Denis flip-fuck

Men In Ibiza -- Denis Vega & Damien Crosse (Drill My Hole)

When Damien Crosse spots handsome, muscular hunk Denis Vega in the bathroom of an Ibiza nightclub, he follows him down to the basement for an extracurricular hookup. (Denis is cheating on his boyfriend.) They take turns sucking and fucking each other. The scene ends with Damien dropping to his knees so he can swallow a creamy blast of Denis’ cum. What happens in Ibiza stays in Ibiza.


Paddy O’Brian tops Denis Vega

Men In Ibiza -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Denis Vega (Drill My Hole)

Big, burly bodybuilder Denis Vega might look like the perfect top, but he’s actually a slutty pig bottom who submits to Paddy O’Brian’s demands in his first scene at Drill My Hole. He polished Paddy’s fat knob, and then lets Paddy fuck him until he blows his load. And when it’s Paddy’s turn to get off, Denis drops to his knees so that Paddy can cum all over his chiseled chest.


Paddy O’Brian tops Tony Gys

Men In Ibiza -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Tony Gys (Drill My Hole)

Paddy O’Brian’s back on top of things when he hooks up with handsome bottom Tony Gys. Tony goes down on Paddy and slobber’s all over his fat knob. Then the handsome cocksucker bends over to let Paddy play with his cute ass. Tony loves taking it up the butt. He jacks his hard cock while Paddy fucks him. Tony finishes Paddy off by sucking him to orgasm and gets a sloppy facial for his reward — his handsome face covered in cum.


Paddy bottoms for Abraham

Men In Ibiza -- Abraham Al Malek fucks Paddy O'Brian (Drill My Hole)

When Paddy O’Brian wakes up from his nap on Abraham Al Malek’s yacht, he finds himself lusting after the sexy skipper. Abraham goes down on Paddy and jams a thumb up his hairy hole wile sucking his cock. This makes Paddy hungry for more anal stimulation, so he bends over to take Abraham’s cock up his sexy round ass. Abraham pulls out so he can cum all over Paddy’s stomach. Then he drops to his knees and sucks Paddy’s cock until Paddy blows his load all over Abraham’s handsome face.


Paddy O’Brian tops Juan Lopez

Men In Ibiza -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Juan Lopez (Drill My Hole)

Paddy O’Brian lures Juan Lopez out of the pool by showing him the enormous bulge in his tight swim trunks. Juan drops to his knees and takes a mouthful of Paddy’s fat cock. Then Paddy bends him over to fuck his hot Latin ass under the sun. Juan finishes Paddy off by sucking his dick until Paddy cums all over his face.