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Some vintage Madge letting everyone know we’re going to have a celebration, all around the world, in every nation.


“Die Another Day”

This has to be the worst Bond song of all time. I’m only posting it because I decided to run backward through all the 007 themes. It’s so bad you don’t even hear a trace of it on the main score. Even the second worst Bond song of all time (“All Time High” from Octopussy) made a passable love theme. The whole movie was a misfire. No wonder they had to reboot the whole series after Die Another Day.


“Papa Don’t Preach”


“Material Girl”

Madonna’s homage to the one and only Marilyn Monroe. Co-starring Keith Carradine.

“Human Nature”

I hate people who dress up their dogs, but the Chihuahua in the fetish outfit is hilarious.

“Sooner or Later”

Madonna sings Stephen Sondheim’s Oscar winning song from Dick Tracy at the 1990 Academy Awards. Her performance seems to be equal parts Marilyn Monroe and Gypsy Rose Lee. There’s a reference to the first Gulf War towards the end. That really puts a date on it, doesn’t it?


“Don’t Tell Me”


Madonna proves that you can go back home again, performing “Holiday” at a concert in her hometown. From the documentary Truth or Dare