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Luke Adams

Gay porn star Luke Adams with his boner coming out of his swimsuit.

Luke Adams is a nice combination of hard and soft. Muscly, but still cuddly. A boyish face, but a manly big cock. He isn’t very good at keeping it in his shorts, though. Which is probably why he’s one of this week’s Top 10 VOD porn stars.

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Tarzan XXX — Jungle foursome

Diego Sans, Tobias, Luke Adams & Colton Grey in Tarzan XXX. (Super Gay Hero)

“Colton Grey and Luke Adams are wandering around the jungle looking for Tobias and decide to stop for some rest. Tarzan pops out of nowhere with Tobias in tow. Reunited at last! Tobias explains where he’s been and what he’s been teaching Tarzan; who is eagerly pawing at his 2 new discoveries. It doesn’t take much longer before all four of them are sucking and fucking in the conclusion of Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Tarzan XXX — Colton & Luke

Colton Grey & Luke Adams in Tarzan XXX (Super Gay Hero)

“Stranded ashore a lush tropical island, Luke Adams and Colton Grey cope with surviving the jungle by exploring each other’s dark dank holes. Colton readies Luke’s delicious cock with his warm wet mouth then opens his hole with his probing tongue before plunging his rock hard dick deep inside Luke’s eager ass. Luke returns the favor by fucking Colton up against the palms of this tropical rainforest as a native resident watches from the bushes… Hardcore action from Tarzan: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.” — Super Gay Hero


Star Wars XXX — Episode V

Star Wars XXX -- Luke Adams

The Force is strong in Luke Skywalker when he gets stuffed full of a half dozen imperial penises during a Stormtrooper gang bang. Watch Luke Adams get fucked and showered in cum during the ass destroying climax of Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody.


Star Wars XXX — Episode IV

Star Wars XXX -- Luke Adams, Paddy O'Brian & Hector de Silva (Drill My Hole)

Luke Skywalker gets spit-roasted by a couple of horny Stormtroopers. After they fuck him at both ends and then cum all over his face. Watch Luke Adams, Hector de Silva and Paddy O’Brian in a scene from Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody.


Star Wars XXX — Episode II

Star Wars XXX -- Dennis West & Luke Adams (Drill My Hole)

Diehard fans might be disappointed to know that Han Solo doesn’t shoot first when he fucks Luke Skywalker. Watch Luke Adams use The Force with Dennis West in Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody from Drill My Hole.


Star Wars XXX — Episode I

Star Wars XXX - Luke Adams & Jessy Ares (Drill My Hole)

Jessy Ares awakens The Force in his young padawan Luke Adams in Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody from Drill My Hole.


Diego Sans tops Luke Adams

Serial Fuckers -- Diego Sans & Luke Adams (Drill My Hole)

Diego Sans meets flexible, gymnastic bottom Luke Adams and they fuck in some incredibly hot looking positions.


Ryan Rose tops Luke Adams

Gay porn star Ryan Rose fucks Luke Adams on the kitchen counter. (Falcon Studios)

Luke Adams demonstrates how flexible and incredibly fuckable he is when he lets Ryan Rose spread him out on the kitchen counter so he can fuck him from behind. They start out by sharing a banana before stuffing their mouths full of cock. Then after Ryan fucks him to orgasm, he puts Luke on his knees and squirts a hot load of cum all over his face.


Brent Everett tops Luke Adams

Gods of Men -- Brent Everett & Luke Adams (Sunkissed)

Brent Everett as an artist who really loves his subject — flexible fucker Luke Adams. They suck and fuck under the blazing hot sun, and Brent leaves Luke’s face covered in cum.


Luke Adams tops Johnny Rapid

Str8 to Gay -- Johnny Rapid & Luke Adams (Intrusive Instructor)

Johnny Rapid gets hustled by sexy pool shark Luke Adams. Luke makes a mess after drilling his ass on the pool table, leaving Johnny covered in sweat and cum.


Colby Keller tops Luke Adams

Last Call -- Colby Keller fucks Luke Adams hot ass!

Luke Adams gets banged by bartender Colby Keller in Last Call at Drill My Hole. But this bartender does more than sling drinks. When he’s finished with Luke, Colby lets him drink a creamy shot of cum right from the tap.