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Liev tops Randy

Liev & Randy: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Since his last film, Liev has been begging to come back to fuck some ass. Liev has a reputation of being a little aggressive and dirty so we had to find him someone he wasn’t going to break. Randy was the perfect choice. ‘Holy fuck he’s a big dude!’ Liev was a little surprised at how big Randy was in person. ‘This is gonna be fun!’

We packed up our bags and headed up into the woods for the day to explore and cause some trouble. Randy and Liev took off and the rest was history. These two worked out, and goofed off the whole day… until Liev got a boner.

Back at the studio the sexual tension was thick and these two were ready to fuck. Liev and Randy really deliver and pull off a very impressive cum-filled scene. Keep an eye out for Liev shooting a huge load deep into Randy… Its impressive!” — Sean Cody


Liev tops Lane

Lane & Liev: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“It’s been a while since we have seen Liev and its great to have him back on set. Not much about him as changed, he’s still the feisty, rambunctious, great performer that he was in all of his previous films. ‘I’m ready to get back to fucking ass again. I missed being here!’ Liev laughed. I knew that pairing him with Lane made the most sense. These two are both dirty performers who love to push their limits. Once the camera got rolling these two cum hungry models really went for it.” — Sean Cody