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Duncan Black tops Levi Karter

Super cute and versatile porn pups Duncan Black and Levi Karter team up for a flip-flop fuck scene. Duncan has the first go at Levi’s cute ass. Then Duncan bends over to give Levi a turn.


Levi Karter j/o

Cute Cocky Boy Levi Karter alone and having some happy fun time with some battery powered toys — a vibrating butt plug, some cock sleeves, penis pumps…


“Boys to Adore Galore”

Two sets of threesomes go at it in this erotic documentary by Jake Jaxson. Jett Black and Bravo Delta spit fuck Levi Karter. And Ricky Roman and Dillon Rossi do Max Ryder. Hop over to Cocky Boys the grand finale at Cocky Boys — JD Phoenix getting gang banged by the other six guys.


Zach, Asher & Levi 3-way

Three beautiful, brunette boy-toys — Asher Hawk, Levi Karter & Zach — suck and fuck each other during a hot threeway. Watch the rest of this scene at Cocky Boys.


Ty does Levi & Hayden

Handsome blond Hayden Lourd is going at it with cute brunette Levi Karter, who’s riding his cock when hunky Ty Roderick steps up and makes Levi choke on his cock. Ty’s gonna show these boys how a man does it. See the rest of this hot threeway at CockyBoys.


Hayden Lourd tops Levi Karter

Levi Carter jacks off while bouncing his cute ass on Hayden Lourd’s stiff cock in this sexy flip-fuck scene from Cocky Boys.