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Dean tops Lane

Dean & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“What can two guys do on a rainy day? Dean said it best, “We’re just gonna hang out here and fuck.” Simply put, and Lane was definitely ok with that!” — Sean Cody


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Landon tops Lane

Landon & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Hotties Landon & Lane felt adventurous and decided to have some fun outdoors… good ol’ sex on the beach! ‘It’s definitely time to fuck! I mean, I’ve been teasing, playing around in the car a little bit, but now, I think the coast is clear!’ Landon flipped Lane on his stomach, took control of his ass and did as he pleased. Lane was ready for it, as he always is, ‘Oh! I like the way you think!’ It definitely was a cum-filled day. Landon made Lane blow 3 loads while fucking him…sounds like a good time to me!” — Sean Cody


Jess tops Lane

Lane & Jess: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“One of our fan favorites is back for more ass! Jess just can’t get enough! Lane is lucky enough to get dicked by big-dick Jess in this cum-filled scene! These two studs decided to play some ball and show their baseball skills. Jess was the pitcher and Lane was the catcher… are we still talking about baseball?

After playing around a bit, Lane was ready for something a little more interactive, ‘I’m ready for that baseball bat now!’ All the while eyeing Jess’s bulge. ‘Ready for me to be a pitcher? You’re gonna catch.’

Jess threw that out there, but Lane stayed confident. ‘Oh, I’m gonna catch all day long!'” — Sean Cody


Daniel tops Lane

Daniel & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Bringing Daniel and Lane together was such a great idea. It was a match made in heaven! They were always on the same page and their personalities complimented each other so well. The sexual tension between them was insane. They’re both freaky in bed, so Daniel’s wild side undeniably gave Lane’s wild side exactly what it wanted — dirty, rough fucking!

‘I’m kind of a big deal when it comes to bottoming. I’ve taken pretty big dicks and I’m kind of a cock-hungry cum-whore.’

Daniel laughed excitedly, ‘Yes! That’s exactly my type!’

They got so excited by their instant connection that they had to find a secluded place outdoors to get to know each other a little more intimately. When they were done there, they went back to the house to continue fucking and make as much noise as they wanted. Daniel really gave it to Lane and both were left completely satisfied in the end.” — Sean Cody


Liev tops Lane

Lane & Liev: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“It’s been a while since we have seen Liev and its great to have him back on set. Not much about him as changed, he’s still the feisty, rambunctious, great performer that he was in all of his previous films. ‘I’m ready to get back to fucking ass again. I missed being here!’ Liev laughed. I knew that pairing him with Lane made the most sense. These two are both dirty performers who love to push their limits. Once the camera got rolling these two cum hungry models really went for it.” — Sean Cody


Cory tops Lane

Lane & Cory: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Lane, a smooth power bottom, bends over for Cory, a furry top.


Sean tops Lane

Sean & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

It’s Lane’s lucky day. He’s a powerbottom who loves dick and cum, and he’s just been paired with Sean, who has a whole lot of both. Sean, an aggressive top, doesn’t hold back. He stands over Lane and — after smacking his face with his hard shaft — tries to choke him with his cock by cramming it all the way down Lane’s throat. Sean fucks him until he blows a wad. And then he busts a nut with cock buried deep inside Lane. After taking two creampies, the cum-hungry little cocksucker sucks Sean’s cock clean.