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James Huntsman tops Justin Owen

James Huntsman & Justin Owen (Next Door Studios)

Justin Owen is hard up for cash and looking to get into the game, but he doesn’t really know up from down, or really where he would even start. The only thing he can think of is to call someone who is already established and see if he can pick his brain for some pointers. Enter James Huntsman, a man with more than just a little pointer. James breaks it down for Justin, and offers a little on the job training, as he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. Justin realizes it’s sink or swim as he wraps his lips around the head and works his way down the shaft. James shoves his face into his stomach and hits the back of Justin’s throat and Justin proves worthy of the task. James is impressed with Justin’s dick sucking skills but wonders if Justin has what it takes to finish the job, so he bends Justin over and breaks in his virgin ass. Justin takes every inch of James’ pounding with pleasure, shooting his load onto his stomach as James fucks him missionary, before tasting his first load as James empties his cock into Justin’s mouth. Swallowing it, he realizes he has what it takes to make it, and James realizes he suddenly has a new competitor.” — Next Door Studios


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Will Fuck 4 Home — Justin Owen

Justin Owen (Next Door Studios)

“Returning from an afternoon of errands, Bridger Watts senses something is off inside his home. Not sure what he’ll find, he inspects the downstairs and makes his way up to his bedroom. Hearing a sound from the closet, he makes his way over, bracing for whoever is lurking behind the door. The last thing he expected to see was a naked man, bent over with a dildo in his ass, and yet, that’s exactly how he finds Justin Owen. Justin, obviously embarrassed, tries to play it off, but Bridger isn’t hearing it, grabbing Justin and throwing him on the bed. Justin wonders just what he’s gotten himself into when Bridger tells him he can either view this as punishment or pleasure. Justin sighs as Bridger pulls him closer to his crotch, unzipping his pants and pulling out his cock, pushing Justin’s face down onto his shaft. Justin gags on it as Bridger holds Justin’s head, choking him with his dick and smiling. Justin does as Bridger tells him to, sucking him off before Bridger bends him over, arching Justin’s nice ass high into the air as he plunges his cock deep into Justin’s hole. Bridger teaches Justin a lesson about invasion, pounding him from behind and then pile driving him from above, before spinning the would-be burglar over onto his back and fucking the cum out of him, pulling out and spitting his massive load all over Justin’s face in a sweet form of payback.” — Next Door Studios


Charlie Pattinson & Justin Owen

Charlie Pattinson fucks Justin Owen (Randy Blue)

Square-jawed hottie Charlie Pattinson is one lucky duck. Because in his first same-sex experience he gets to fuck Justin Owen‘s perfect ass. Justin gets him on the table for a dirty massage. Then pretty soon the boners start popping and the cum is spurting — straight into Justin’s thirsty mouth!


Chris Rockway tops Justin Owen

Randy Blue -- Justin Owen fucks Chris Rockway

Randy Blue legend Chris Rockway does the dad/son thing with younger boy-toy Justin Owen. Justin’s excited about meeting the porn superstar, so he gladly gives it up when Chris takes ownership of his hole. Justin rides his cock until he blows a load all over Chris’ stomach. Then Justin lets Chris cum in his open mouth and slurps up every drop of jizz from his spurting cock.


Jay Lanford tops Justin Owen

Randy Blue -- Jay Lanford fucks Justin Owen

Strapping black hunk Jay Lanford has a dick slip while spotting Justin Owen. When Justin finishes doing bench presses he spots the head of Jay’s cock dangling from his shorts. “Sorry about that,” Jay says. “Don’t be,” Justin replies as he pulls Jay’s cock down towards his face so he can suck it while still laying on the workout bench.

Jay turns around and squats on Justin’s face, letting the cute white boy jam his tongue up his hot black ass. Then, after a little more oral foreplay, Justin bends over and offers up his tender, pink hole. Both Jay and Justin prove to be cum craving sex pigs. After Justin busts a nut, Jay sucks his cock clean. Then Justin drinks the jizz from Jay’s cum spurting cock.


Chris does Max & Justin

Chris Rockway, Max Michaels & Justin Owen

Coach Chris Rockway is utterly embarrassed by the shabby performance of wrestlers Max Michaels and Justin Owen. After they both pop a couple of wrestling boners while rolling around on the mat, he figures they’ll be of no use until they can blow off a little steam.

After an oral-only threeway, Justin shoots a wad of cum straight into Max’s mouth, and Max blows a wad on Justin’s cute ass. The sucking and fucking continues when Max gets spit fucked. Then Justin becomes the meat in a man sandwich as he fucks Max’s ass while Chris fucks him from behind. This multi-orgasmic scene climaxes with Justin swallowing another load from Max right before Chris feeds Max some cum.


Nick Speedman tops Justin Owen

Justin Owen & Nick Speedman

Justin Owen teaches Randy Blue newbie Nick Speedman how to fuck like a gay porn star. Nick’s a quick study who slams Justin hard before dropping a load on his cute ass.


Austin Wolf tops Justin Owen

Austin Wolf & Justin Owen

Justin Owen moved to Hollywood to become a star. A big, bright, shining star. And he would do anything — or anyone — to fulfill that dream. And that means taking an ass pounding on the casting couch from casting director Austin Wolf.

Watch Justin give up his cute little ass and swallow a thick, creamy load in part two of the Randy Blue series Welcome to L.A.: Burbank


Justin Owen tops Diego Sans

Justin Owen & Diego Sans

Justin Owen‘s a naive country boy, fresh off the plane from Kansas, who lands in Los Angeles with dreams of stardom. Justin — who’s shacking up at his Uncle Randy’s posh digs in the Hollywood hills — catches Diego Sans skinny dipping in his uncle’s pool. But Diego’s a sly hustler who literally charms the pants off of Justin before robbing him blind.

In part one of this web series Welcome to L.A., Hollywood, versatile newcomer Justin Owen does the topping this time around, fucking two orgasms out Diego Sans and dropping a sloppy load on Diego’s face. Justin’s also turning into a slutty little cum pig. He tries to catch Diego’s first load in his mouth and sucks the last drops out of his spurting cock, letting the cum dribble out of his mouth. He also takes Diego’s second load right across the face.


Justin Owen

Justin Owen

Justin Owen — the cute California surfer with the creamy good looks of a teen heartthrob — recently got broken in at Dylan Lucas. But now he’s the newest Randy Blue boy-toy. He reminds me of a young Joey Lawrence. Whoa!


Seth & Justin flip-flop

Justin Owen & Seth Bond

Cute surfer boy Justin Owen has really got the hots for his new fuck buddy Seth Bond. After making out and sucking each others cocks, they take turns kissing and fucking each other until Justin’s left covered in creamy spunk.