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Jay Lanford tops Justin Owen

Randy Blue -- Jay Lanford fucks Justin Owen

Strapping black hunk Jay Lanford has a dick slip while spotting Justin Owen. When Justin finishes doing bench presses he spots the head of Jay’s cock dangling from his shorts. “Sorry about that,” Jay says. “Don’t be,” Justin replies as he pulls Jay’s cock down towards his face so he can suck it while still laying on the workout bench.

Jay turns around and squats on Justin’s face, letting the cute white boy jam his tongue up his hot black ass. Then, after a little more oral foreplay, Justin bends over and offers up his tender, pink hole. Both Jay and Justin prove to be cum craving sex pigs. After Justin busts a nut, Jay sucks his cock clean. Then Justin drinks the jizz from Jay’s cum spurting cock.


Jay Landford bottoms

Jay Landford gets his cherry popped by straight pornstar, Patrick Dunne.

Excellent top Jay Landford takes a turn at bottoming when he let’s Patrick Dunne fuck his virgin ass.


Jay Lanford tops Josh Conners

Josh Conners and Jay Lanford

After sexing it up in the shower, Josh Conners and Jay Lanford go back to bed for an early morning fuck.