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Brian Bonds tops Brent Corrigan

Jacked -- Brian Bonds fucks Brent Corrigan (Falcon Studios)

In the second scene from Falcon Studios’ Jacked, Brian Bonds gets hard while giving Brent Corrigan a rubdown in the locker room. He reaches around and jacks Brent’s dick while rubbing his boner on Brent’s butt. Brent turns around and they rub their cocks together, using their pre-cum as lube. After working up a sweat, they take turns blowing each other.

Then Brian bends Brent over an exercise ball and makes a meal out of his luscious ass, getting Brent’s hole slick with spit so they can enjoy a nice bouncy fuck on the inflated ball. After pile driving Brent’s ass on the locker room floor, Brian bends him over and drops a load on his cute butt. He licks the cum off Brent’s star tattoo. Finally, Brian kneels in front of Brent and takes a Super Soaker-sized jizz blast all over his face.


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Sean Zevran tops Brent Corrigan

Falcon Studios -- Brent Corrigan fucks Sean Zevran (Jacked)

Finally, a brand new gay porn scene from Brent Corrigan, who just signed an exclusive deal with Falcon Studios. He was last seen at Falcon working under the name Fox Ryder. Now he’s bringing his superstar ass out of retirement so it can get pounded by Sean Zevran‘s big, uncut schlong in the first scene from the hardcore feature Jacked.