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“D*ck In a Box”

Instant SNL classic from Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg.

Rebecca Black Swan

A “Friday”/Black Swan parody…

Not Anderson. Not in the face!

Hosni Mubarak, you do not hit Anderson Cooper in the face!

Offensive language translator

Rush Limbaugh is no Catherine Tate. Apparently El Rushbo’s brain was so addled by all that Oxycontin abuse, he just can’t comprehend that about a billion people in the world understand Chinese.

Satanic Chipmunk Christmas

Lucifer orders three dorky white guys to sing a joyless Christmas song. Hail Satan!

“Tapedeck In His Tractor”

In a post-Brokeback environment, this catchy Ronee Blakley song from Robert Altman‘s masterpiece, Nashville, seems a little bit gay.

“A cowboy’s secrets you never tell, [because] there’s nothin’ like the lovin’ of a hard-drivin’ cowboy man.”

Stripper Pr0n: Dr. Love

This is supposed to be hot. I think. But the cheesiness overpowers the hotness. It’s just tragic how many otherwise hot guys back in the 1980s ruined their looks with an awful haircut. In this case it’s a mullet.

And the homophobic MC can go sit on a rusty spike. Asshole.

Civil Unionization

…Because, at the end of the day, gay couples deserve to be just as naive, corny, impetuous, bitter and fucked up about marriage as straight couples are.

A video that illustrates why civil unions aren’t equal to marriage.

SNL does the TSA

The TSA — it’s our business to touch yours.

Happy Thanksgiving!