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“Father Figure”

Something every girl should learn from this video: If your boyfriend makes you reenact Tom Cruise’s love scene with Kelly McGillis from Top Gun, it’s because he’s gay!


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“Last Christmas”

This video has more beards than an Ernest Hemingway lookalike contest. It’s hard to believe it from watching this video, but there was once a time when millions of people the world over thought George Michael was straight. Isn’t that amazing?

UPDATE: RIP George Michael. And on Christmas Day no less. Now this song is being used as an ironic, bittersweet tribute. 2016 is just going to keep on sucking right to the bitter end.

“Freedom! ’90”

Beautiful people living in squalor lip sync to George Michael while listening to his music on obsolete technology. Hey, it was 1990! Three items from Michael’s “Faith” video were destroyed in this video. Ghetto chic supplied by director David Fincher.


George Michael’s rockabilly classic.