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Fitness Pr0n: John Pruitt

In which we perv out on classic Colt Man John Pruitt as he works out in a lavender speedo.


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Chip Tanner makes fitness pr0n

There aren’t enough exercise videos of half naked men posted on YouTube. Chip Tanner, with help from Travis James, hopes to fill the void.

Fitness Pr0n: Hunkercise

This video has more cheese than a Grana Padano warehouse. It’s all porn ‘staches and pushes. Starring Playgirl Man of the Year Steve Rally. Looks like he stuffed a grapefruit down his shorts.



Judi Sheppard Missett is every character Kristen Wiig ever played on Saturday Night Live.

The hottest TV on DVD from TLA!

Fitness Pr0n: Hot cool down

And with that this hilarious and sexy fitness video comes to an end…


Fitness Pr0n: Keep pounding!

I gave my hard-on heart to Cristian Letelier, but then Roger Menache came along and stole it away…


Fitness Pr0n: Spread those legs!

This one was almost too hot for YouTube…


Fitness Pr0n: Muscle Motion

More pseudo-porn from the Chippendales exercise video Muscle Motion.


Fitness Pr0n: Lift those legs!

This clip has more moose knuckle than the opening credits of Northern Exposure!


Fitness Pr0n: Warming Up

A cheesy ’80s workout video starring Chippendales dancers. It’s like an all-male version of :20 Minute Workout. Do they want us to work out or whack off?