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Evan tops Curtis

Evan & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Curtis has a crazy fear of sharks, so I figured why not bring him to the beach! Evan was really excited to be back so quickly. It’s all he could talk about for the first few hours.

‘So Evan, what’s your type?’

He had been hinting all day that he may not be entirely straight. ‘I mean right now I’m mostly gay. I hate labels and once in a while I’ll hook up with a girl. But right now it’s all about eating a guy’s ass for hours.’ He wasn’t kidding either. The second he got his face buried in Curtis’s hole, he was a very happy camper.

Evan started to ask Curtis about what turns him on and Curtis simply responded; ‘I like a big dick up my ass!’

Evan smiled. ‘Well game on!!!'” — Sean Cody


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Evan (Sean Cody)

“‘Deep down I am just looking for love and someone to cook for me!’ Evan laughed.

‘I think today you might be looking in the wrong places,’ I joked with him.

Evan is a sweetheart with a huge ego. He knows that he is attractive, smart and funny and has no problem sharing that with the world. ‘I guess you could say I walk a fine line between confidence and cockiness.’

‘Tell me about yourself.’

‘Well right now I am single and ready to mingle!’ We both busted out laughing.

‘Did you really just say that?’

‘Hey… I never said I was a comedian,’ Evan winked.” — Sean Cody