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Tyler Sweet blows Doug Acre

Tyler Sweet on his knees in bondage giving Doug Acre a blowjob. (Fetish Force)

Doug Acre is in the process of tying Tyler Sweet‘s hands behind his back. Then he orders Tyler to kneel and suck him. Doug’s hand on the back of Tyler’s head provides the added thrust needed to get every one of Doug’s 9+ inches down Tyler’s throat. Tyler gasps and his saliva flies. Some of it runs down his pecs. Doug throws his head back in erotic satisfaction, running his hands over the hard planes of his lightly furred chest. He continues to feed cock to Tyler and to push Tyler’s head onto his cock to ensure the deepest penetration possible. Tyler sucks like he’s afraid to let go, begging Doug to ‘give me your load.’ He gets his wish in the form of a facial cum-basting that leaves him dripping with Doug’s jism. Doug licks some of the spooge off of Tyler’s face and they snowball it.” — Fetish Force


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John Magnum tops Doug Acre

Drill My Hole -- Doug Acre & John Magnum (Big Bro)

Doug Acre is a bad boy who gets some intimate mentoring from his “Big Bro” John Magnum.


Doug Acre tops Hunter Vance

Serial Fucker -- Hunter Vance & Doug Acre (Extra Big Dicks)

Hunter Vance gets a taste of mystery meat when he hooks up with a masked stranger (Doug Acre) in the bathroom during a Halloween party.