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“The Doctor”

One thing I love about the revived Doctor Who series is that they don’t skimp on the soundtrack. Each Doctor, every companion, and all the main villains get their own leitmotif. And their theme music is refreshed and reinterpreted for special episodes. Here’s a compilation video featuring the Doctors’ themes from series 1-7. The 12th Doctor is still a work in progress.


Andrei & Zac in Breakfast of Champions (Bel Ami Online) Study Break with Kevin Warhol & Jamie Durrell (Bel Ami Online) Good Times with Helmut & Raphael (Bel Ami Online) Simply the Best with Vadim & Torsten (Bel Ami Online)

“Abigail’s Song”

From the 2010 Doctor Who Christmas special — “Abigail’s Song (Silence Is All You Know)” sung by Welsh mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins.