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Mr. Man - Explicit Gay Sex - Russell Tovey's naked ass

Dean tops Lane

Dean & Lane: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“What can two guys do on a rainy day? Dean said it best, “We’re just gonna hang out here and fuck.” Simply put, and Lane was definitely ok with that!” — Sean Cody


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Dean and Nixon

Dean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

Nixon and Dean look so fucking hot together in the their matching white swim trunks as they workout by the pool before their big scene. These sexy shots are just a tease. Click here if you want to see them fuck.


Arnie tops Dean

Dean & Arnie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“We thought today was going to be a day of all firsts for buff hunk Arnie, but it turns out the only new thing he’s going to experience is having sex on camera. He was a little nervous, but ready to take Dean’s ass and use it to his advantage.

After having a little conversation about what was to come today, Dean felt up Arnie’s arms and couldn’t wait to get started with him,

“I think we need to get to it…”

Arnie couldn’t agree more!” — Sean Cody


Randy, Dean & Cory threeway

Dean, Randy & Cory: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Everybody loves a good threesome, so since it’s been a little while, we’ve decided it was about time! We couldn’t have picked better guys for this threesome. Randy, Dean and Cory are hot, playful, and horny as hell! It was so much fun watching these studs play some football on the beach, especially when even football terms became sexual innuendos…. ‘We can run routes! Someone could play quarterback, someone could play defense, and someone is the receiver… you know?’ Randy had a grin on his face. After getting the guys all sweaty and wet, they couldn’t wait to get back to the house for some real fun! Every hole was filled with dick, and cum was everywhere…‘hot’ can’t even begin to describe it!” — Sean Cody


Robert tops Dean

Robert & Dean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Both Robert and Dean have nice bodies, so seeing them play around together outside and shirtless was a treat in itself. Dean was especially enthused. ‘As soon as I saw him take his shirt off, I just couldn’t wait to get his pants off!’ Robert was showing Dean how to play horseshoe, and truth be told, it wasn’t the easiest game. ‘You know, I do hope that there’s one thing harder than this game today.’ Dean smirked. Even though he lost, Dean found something to be positive about. ‘Well, I lost the game of horseshoe, so I was destined to bottom today…’ Robert was really into Dean and it showed while he was rimming his ass and fucking him good. By the end of it all, Dean was covered in cum yet again. He wasn’t complaining though, and neither was Robert.” — Sean Cody


Sean & Dean flip-fuck

Dean & Sean (Sean Cody)

“Sean and Dean both know how to have fun and turn any situation into something entertaining — even building a bike together turned into a game for these two goofballs. It was time to talk business, though.

‘You guys have both bottomed and both topped, what’s today going to be like?’

Dean answered confidently, ‘I think we should both bottom and both top.’

After work came play, and after play came a different kind of play. Both Sean and Dean were really into each other, and you could tell they wanted to fuck badly. Sean fucked Dean first and really gave him something to work with. Then it was Dean’s turn to shove his dick up Sean’s ass. This scene proved to be a great, cum-filled flip-fuck with these versatile studs!” — Sean Cody


Dean & Robbie flip-fuck

Dean & Robbie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Dean and Robbie together was such a sight for sore eyes. Especially seeing these two hotties rock climbing shirtless! Or as Dean likes to call it, ‘extreme hiking.’ Each time Robbie comes out here, he gets more and more excited about who we pair him with.

We had to ask, ‘What do you think about Dean?’

‘He’s cute, he’s really cute. I just can’t help myself.’ He continued, ‘I swear every time I come out here, I get more and more gay.’ I think we’re turning him completely! The sex and the chemistry between these two was really apparent, and showed just how much they’re really into each other!” — Sean Cody


Dean & Curtis flip-fuck

Curtis & Dean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis hasn’t topped in a while, and Dean hasn’t bottomed. So they agree to take turns during this bareback flip-flop scene. Curtis ends up busting a nut inside Dean’s ass while Dean is riding his cock. (Dean says his load feels warm.) Then during round two Dean bends Curtis over and pounds his ass.


Dean tops Blake

Dean & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dean and Blake have always wanted to fuck each other ever since they first met. And now they finally have the chance. Watch them enjoy some ball-slapping bareback butt banging in this hardcore fuck scene.


Dean tops Tate

Dean &Tate: Bareback (Sean Cody)

After some hot, wet foreplay in the shower, Dean pumps the cum out of Tate by fucking his juicy bubble butt.


Perry & Dean flip-fuck

Sean Cody -- Dean & Perry: Bareback

Dean and Perry are a fairly evenly matched physically. So it’s only fitting if they each take turns giving and receiving. First they feast on each others dicks during a 69. Perry makes Dean whimper by jamming his fingers up Dean’s luscious bubble butt. Then he makes him howl by thrusting his cock deep inside him until his toes curl and his cock starts spurting. After dropping some jizz on Dean’s taint, Perry turns him into a human Twinkie by shoving his cream back inside Dean’s ass. Then it’s Perry’s turn to bottom. He bends over for Dean and lets him cum inside him.


David tops Dean

Sean Cody -- Dean & David: Bareback

When David plays with hyperactive hottie Dean at the beach he’s sure that he’ll be a fun fuck, and David isn’t disappointed after this epic, jizz-drenched fuck scene.

First they make out in the shower while washing away the sand, and then they head for the living room and for some 69. David fucks Dean’s smooth ass raw and then pulls out and unloads a juice bomb straight into Dean’s open mouth, leaving his face glistening with spunk. They share a sticky cum kiss, and David licks the stray drops of jism off Dean’s chest.

For round two, Dean sits on David’s dick and bounces up and down while his own hard-on bobs up and down between his legs. Dean has an orgasm while getting fucked in this position. Then David pulls out and splooges all over Dean’s ass.

For round three (!) David flips Dean over and leaves him howling and gasping helplessly as he pounds his prostate until Dean cums in buckets — cumming hard enough to squirt all over his own face. When David unloads, the cum erupts from his cock like an uncorked champagne bottle.


Jayden tops Dean

Sean Cody -- Dean & Jayden: Bareback

Hunky Dean drops to his knees and shoves Jayden‘s long schlong into his mouth, giving Jayden a succulent blowjob. Then Jayden bends Dean over and makes him howl as he pounds his tight, gymnast’s ass. Jayden pulls out and splooges all over Dean’s hole. Then, using his own cum as lube, pounds Dean’s prostate until he has an intense g-spot orgasm.


Dean & Eddie flip-fuck

Sean Cody -- Dean & Eddie: Bareback

After an afternoon playing baseball in the park, Dean and Eddie have to decide who’ll be the pitcher, and who will be the catcher. The solution is obvious. Why not take turns? Watch this flip-flop fuck scene with two versatile tops at Sean Cody.


Dean tops Dusty

Sean Cody -- Dusty & Dean: Bareback

Acrobatic hottie Dean, who is an irrepressible bundle of energy, treats Dusty to an intense blowjob. Then he rolls him over and fucks him raw until he busts a nut on Dusty’s cute, blond ass. There’s cum and lube flying everywhere!


Dean & Duncan flip-fuck

Sean Cody hunks Dean and Duncan fuck each other.

Dean and Duncan fool around in the bathtub. Then they put on some jockstraps and take turns fucking each other bareback.