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Alex Garcia tops Daniel Johnson

Men of UK -- Alex Garcia & Daniel Johnson (The Abbey)

Men of UK’s The Abbey concludes with a scene that will never happen on the real Downton Abbey. Especially now that Jimmy got sacked after Lord Grantham caught him shagging Lady Anstruther. In this hardcore porn fantasy Jimmy and Thomas (Daniel Johnson and Alex Garcia) take their gay/straight bromance to the next level.


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Paul Walker tops Daniel Johnson

Men of UK -- Paul Walker & Daniel Johnson (The Abbey)

To the manor porn! Paul Walker is a not so noble lord who gets serviced by his loyal servant Daniel Johnson in Men of UK‘s XXX gay porn parody of Downton Abbey.


Andro Mass tops Daniel Johnson

Andros Mass & Daniel Johnson

Andro Mass nails Daniel Johnson in a haunted house in the finale of Men of UK’s Supernatural. See it only at Men of UK.


Daniel Johnson tops Paul Walker

    Paul Johnson & Daniel Johnson

    Daniel Johnson has a supernatural encounter with sexy apparition Paul Walker. (Not that Paul Walker. Sorry.) Shot on location in a real life creepy old castle. See it only at Men of UK.