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Robert tops Curtis

Robert & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Robert is back! We were really excited to see him again because after his solo not too long ago, he hinted at the possibility of coming back, and here he is… this time for some ass! Curtis was generous enough to offer up his. It was hot to see these two studs have fun outside and take their shirts off to show off their bodies.

We noticed Robert eyeing Curtis’s rock-hard abs. ‘Oh! Washboard abs!’

You could tell he wanted to just take him back inside and fuck him. He went straight to town on Curtis’s hole and did a really good job for a first-timer!

We had to ask, ‘So how was it? It looks like it was a life-changing experience for you.’

Robert replied in his sexy southern accent with a grin from ear to ear, ‘It’s a new day, I’m a new man!'” — Sean Cody


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Evan tops Curtis

Evan & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Curtis has a crazy fear of sharks, so I figured why not bring him to the beach! Evan was really excited to be back so quickly. It’s all he could talk about for the first few hours.

‘So Evan, what’s your type?’

He had been hinting all day that he may not be entirely straight. ‘I mean right now I’m mostly gay. I hate labels and once in a while I’ll hook up with a girl. But right now it’s all about eating a guy’s ass for hours.’ He wasn’t kidding either. The second he got his face buried in Curtis’s hole, he was a very happy camper.

Evan started to ask Curtis about what turns him on and Curtis simply responded; ‘I like a big dick up my ass!’

Evan smiled. ‘Well game on!!!'” — Sean Cody


Shaw tops Curtis

Curtis & Shaw: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Shaw treats Curtis to a piledriving pounding after a dirty massage and makes Curtis cum without touching himself because his dick is so thick.


Robbie tops Curtis

Robbie & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Power bottom Curtis can’t wait to swallow Robbie’s giant cock. After treating Robbie to his impressive deep throat skills, he bends over and takes it up the ass.


Dean & Curtis flip-fuck

Curtis & Dean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis hasn’t topped in a while, and Dean hasn’t bottomed. So they agree to take turns during this bareback flip-flop scene. Curtis ends up busting a nut inside Dean’s ass while Dean is riding his cock. (Dean says his load feels warm.) Then during round two Dean bends Curtis over and pounds his ass.


Sean, Curtis & Blake threesome

Sean, Blake & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Everyone plays an active role in this enthusiastic threesome. Blake and Curtis share Sean’s big dick. Curtis even manages to swallow it all the way down to the balls. Sean returns the favor by blowing the two horny cocksuckers and ends up getting spit-roasted — with Blake fucking his ass while Curtis fucks his mouth. Sean gets Curtis whipped up into a frenzy by flicking the tip of his pink cock with his tongue. And then Blake becomes a giver and a receiver when Curtis slides his cock up his ass while Blake continues to fuck Sean. Round one of this action packed threeway ends after Blake takes a turn getting spit-roasted. Sean pumps his ass until he blows a load right before Curtis shoots a cum wad straight into Blake’s mouth. Then Sean creampies his ass.

Round two begins when they hit the showers to wash away the sweat and cum. Curtis and Blake go down on Sean and take turns deep throating his enormous rod. Curtis even does his signature move, swallowing Sean hole so he can lick his balls. Then it’s back to the sofa where Blake plays powerbottom, letting Sean and Curtis take turns fucking his pretty blond ass. He takes another creampie from Curtis. Then Sean gets sloppy seconds, fucking Blake until he cums. Finally, Curtis and Sean lick Blake’s balls until he busts a nut.


Brodie tops Curtis

Curtis & Brodie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis is an expert cocksucker, and Brodie is an expert butt muncher. So naturally things get wet and sloppy when these two horny boys are put together.


Donny tops Curtis

Curtis & Donny: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Sean Cody veteran Curtis breaks in Donny the new guy. Right off the bat, Curtis drops to his knees and treats Donny’s 9-inch cock to its first deep throat blowjob. After some 69 action, Donny bends him over and fucks Curtis’ tight ass.


Pete & Curtis flip-fuck

Curtis & Pete: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Pete and Curtis enjoy a little flip-flop action as they take turns fucking each other. And Pete shows off his skills by sucking Curtis while he fucks him.


Jack tops Curtis

Jack & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis wants to get manhandled. And Jack‘s perfectly willing to rough him up. First Jack puts his gag reflexes to the test by fucking his face and gets one of Curtis’ famous deepthroat blowjobs — balls bouncing off his chin. Then Jack practically slams him through the wall as he pumps his ass, fucking Curtis so hard it knocks the pictures off the wall.


Randy tops Curtis

Curtis & Randy: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Curtis has a secret talent. (A few actually.) He’s really good at giving blowjobs, and he can take a whole cock down his throat without gagging. He demonstrates this talent on Randy‘s thick, 8-incher by going all the way down until his chin is pressing into Randy’s balls. In fact, his sword swallowing technique is so impressive, he could get a job at Ringling Bros. After some oral foreplay, Randy bends him over and creampies his ginger ass. For round two, Curtis rides Randy on a workout bend until his cock unleashes a volcanic load, that sends cum spurts flying two feet in the air. Randy’s so overwhelmed he busts his nut inside Curtis’ ass.

During the behind the scenes segment, Curtis gives Randy a blowjob lesson and shows him how to suck dick while licking the balls. We also see that Curtis’ over-stimulated prostate leaves his dick oozing cum even while they’re on a break.


Forrest tops Curtis

Sean Cody -- Forrest & Curtis: Bareback

Here’s a Forrest and Curtis go together like peas and carrots. Watch the stocky hunk fuck the cum out of the ginger cutie.