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Cole & Travis fuck Jayden

Travis James, Jayden Tyler, & Cole Markum

Jayden Tyler’s working behind the camera, but Travis James and Cole Markum need somebody to fuck, so they grab him and wear out his cute little power-bottom ass.


Cole Markum tops Ross Reed

Ross Reed & Cole Markum

Cole Markum fucks Ross Reed and then drops a creamy load all over his face.


Jarrett Rex tops Cole Markum

Cole Markum & Jarrett Rex

Jarrett Rex throws a crazy hot fuck into Cole Markum while he watches himself in the mirror.


Spencer Jones tops Cole Markum

Spencer Jones fucks Cole Markum

Cole Markum wraps his luscious, pouty lips around Spencer Jones‘ strawberry-ginger cock before letting Spencer pound his cute bubble butt. After Spencer fucks him silly, he feeds Cole a load of his sticky semen.