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Brodie tops Brendan

Brodie & Brendan: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Brendan, the power bottom, is happy to give up his ass to Brodie, an excellent top, when they have sweaty gay sex in the gym. Brodie leaves Brendan’s big juicy bubble butt full of cum after a sloppy creampie.


Pete tops Brendan

Pete & Brendan: Bareback (Sean Cody)

I should’ve known from the way Brendan was showing off his huge, juicy bubble butt during his first solo scene that he’d end up being a big nelly power bottom. Pete so excited to see that big ass, he dives into it face first, jamming his tongue between Brendan’s butt cheeks. After Pete fucks him bareback, Brendan does his first ass-to-mouth as Pete pulls out and squirts all over his face and down his throat.



Brendan (Sean Cody)

Normally Brendan doesn’t let a day go by without getting off. But he’s been saving up his load for two days for his solo jack off scene, so he can’t wait to stroke his uncut cock and bust a nut.