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Mitch Branson BDSM

Bound Jocks -- Mitch Branson bound and gagged!

Beefy gay porn star Mitch Branson is bound and gagged.


Sean Duran BDSM

Sean Duran

Sexy porn stud Sean Duran breaks free of his bonds so he can stroke his throbbing cock.


Lucas & Troy BDSM

Troy Daniels & Lucas Knight

Some bondage and football fetish porn from Bound Jocks. With Troy Daniels all tied up Lucas Knight takes advantage of his warm wet mouth and tight butt hole. He shoves his cock into Troy’s willing mouth and fucks his ass with a dildo.


AJ Irons tops Johnny Lawless

AJ Irons & Johnny Lawless

This time around Johnny Lawless is bound and gagged so that AJ Irons can have his way with him.



AJ Irons

Johnny Lawless has AJ Irons right where he wants him — bound and gagged and on his knees. Of course, the gag comes out of his mouth so he can service Johnny’s throbbing cock.


Topher DiMaggio BDSM

Topher DiMaggio

Horny bound jock Topher DiMaggio needs to break free of his bonds so he can stroke his hard cock.


Cameron & Jessie BDSM

Cameron Marshall & Jessie Jordan

Cameron Marshall dominates submissive twink Jessie Jordan in this bondage scene from Bound Jocks.


Unnecessary Roughness

Spencer Reed & Nate Karlton BDSM

With muscular football jock Nate Karlton bound and submissive, Spencer Reed is free to own his ass.


Cameron Marshall BDSM

Cameron Marshall

Cameron Marshall bound and gagged with his cute ass exposed and vulnerable.


John Magnum BDSM

John Magnum

It’s John Magnum vs. the bar stool at Bound Jocks.


Marc Dylan BDSM

Marc Dylan

Tied up football jock Marc Dylan sucks some dick at Bound Jocks.


Tyler Torro BDSM

Tyler Torro, bound and gagged, breaks free of his bonds so he can play with his dick at Bound Jocks.


Aaron Cage BDSM

Aaron Cage

Macho gay porn star Aaron Cage bound and gagged at Bound Jocks.


Morgan Black BDSM

Morgan Black

Manly porn star Morgan Black bound and gagged at Bound Jocks. And not looking to happy about it. Until he’s able to rub one out, that is…