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Blake tops Manny

Blake & Manny: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Blake revealed that he has a bit of a crush on Manny, and requested to be paired up with him. Well, he got what he wanted! Manny was more than happy to satisfy his wishes…in more ways than one. “I’m excited to fuck him! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to just top.” Blake shows his topping skills, while Manny continues to shows us he can take anybody on.” — Sean Cody


Jakob tops Blake

Blake & Jakob: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Jakob is back to fuck some ass — something he hasn’t done before with a guy, and Blake is happy to show him the ropes! ‘Me and Blake are going to explore, and we’ll see where it goes!’ We had to add something, ‘I think Blake’s explored every avenue here at Sean Cody.’ Jakob replied, ‘Well, he’s gonna explore my avenue today!’ Blake loved that answer, and ultimately set the mood for the day. Let’s just say that Blake broke the new guy in really well!” — Sean Cody


Blake & Joey flip-fuck

Joey & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“After a leave of absence, Joey has returned! We’re so glad to have him back and so was he, especially because we paired him up with Blake! What to expect? Joey said it best: ‘Rough! We are going to pound town!’

Joey is such a sweet guy, and we just couldn’t picture him being too rough, but Blake begged to differ. ‘I bring out the best in people.’ He smirked.

They’re both mostly bottoms, but we wanted to give them both the opportunity to show everybody they can fuck ass just as well as they can take dick. ‘Just because you know how to take a dick, everyone thinks that you don’t know how to fuck. No!’ Blake made sure we all knew he meant business. This is surely to be a great flip-fuck with these two studs!” — Sean Cody


Sean, Curtis & Blake threesome

Sean, Blake & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Everyone plays an active role in this enthusiastic threesome. Blake and Curtis share Sean’s big dick. Curtis even manages to swallow it all the way down to the balls. Sean returns the favor by blowing the two horny cocksuckers and ends up getting spit-roasted — with Blake fucking his ass while Curtis fucks his mouth. Sean gets Curtis whipped up into a frenzy by flicking the tip of his pink cock with his tongue. And then Blake becomes a giver and a receiver when Curtis slides his cock up his ass while Blake continues to fuck Sean. Round one of this action packed threeway ends after Blake takes a turn getting spit-roasted. Sean pumps his ass until he blows a load right before Curtis shoots a cum wad straight into Blake’s mouth. Then Sean creampies his ass.

Round two begins when they hit the showers to wash away the sweat and cum. Curtis and Blake go down on Sean and take turns deep throating his enormous rod. Curtis even does his signature move, swallowing Sean hole so he can lick his balls. Then it’s back to the sofa where Blake plays powerbottom, letting Sean and Curtis take turns fucking his pretty blond ass. He takes another creampie from Curtis. Then Sean gets sloppy seconds, fucking Blake until he cums. Finally, Curtis and Sean lick Blake’s balls until he busts a nut.


Dean tops Blake

Dean & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Dean and Blake have always wanted to fuck each other ever since they first met. And now they finally have the chance. Watch them enjoy some ball-slapping bareback butt banging in this hardcore fuck scene.


Forrest tops Blake

Blake & Forrest: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Forrest slams Blake’s amazing ass in the shower, and after he fucks the cum out of the horny blond bottom they eat Blake’s cum.


Parker & Blake flip-fuck

Sean Cody -- Parker & Blake: Bareback

Parker has recently discovered the joys of a good anal orgasm. He says, while anticipating his latest flip-flop scene with Blake, “To be honest, what I’m looking most forward to is probably cumming with a dick in my ass.” Blake doesn’t disappoint. He gives Parker’s prostate a good pounding as they take turns fucking each other.


Ryder tops Blake

Sean Cody -- Ryder & Blake: Bareback

Blake bends over and gives his hot, blond ass to Ryder.