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Connor tops Justin

Justin Matthews & Connor Halstead (Big Dicks At School)

In a scene that’s about as realistic as Melania’s #BeBest campaign, Justin Matthews and Connor Halstead cyberbully each other by sexting revenge porn to all their classmates. And this somehow leads to a brawling in the classroom, promptly followed by make-up sex — which includes blowjobs and some boning on the teacher’s desk.


Roman Todd tops Titus

Roman Todd & Titus (Big Dicks At School)

Mr. Todd loses some standing with his rowdy students when he accidentally projects a dick pic during a science (or is it art?) lesson. But it’s not all bad news. Sure, he might lose his job, but Titus, the class apple polisher, likes what he saw, and now he wants to polish Mr. Todd’s knob. Sure, why not? He’s already fucked anyway, so he might as well fuck.


John Magnum tops Paul Canon

John Magnum & Paul Canon (Big Dicks At School)

Paul Canon is late for his graduation and doesn’t have anything to wear. John Magnum agrees to hook him up if he can get a quickie hook up first.” — Big Dicks At School


Johnny & Cameron flip-flop

Teacher's Surprise -- Johnny Rapid & Cameron Kincaid (Big Dicks At School)

Johnny Rapid is hot for teacher. But that’s not an apple he’s leaving on Mr. Kincaid’s desk. Johnny makes the grade by flip-fucking Cameron Kincaid in the classroom in Teacher’s Surprise.


Duncan Black gets spit-fucked

Big Dicks At School -- Colby Jansen, Duncan Black & Rod Daily (Football Fuckdown)

Coach Colby Jansen and his star player Rod Daily show Duncan Black that football is truly a team sport. A tag team sport to be specific. Watch Duncan get double dicked in the locker room in Big Dicks At School’s Football Fuckdown 2.


Johnny gets double dicked

Big Dicks At School -- Johnny Rapid gets double teamed by Ryan Rockford & Colby Jansen (Football Fuckdown)

Coach Colby Jansen has a creative was of mediating a gridiron grudge match between Ryan Rockford and Johnny Rapid. They’re going to fuck away their pent-up hostility in the locker room.


Rocco & Johnny flip-fuck

Big Dicks At School -- Johnny Rapid & Rocco Reed fuck (Seducing the Professor)

Johnny Rapid’s the teacher’s pet. He makes the grade with Professor Rocco Reed by fucking him in the classroom.


Johnny Rapid takes two more

Haigen Sence, Johnny Rapid & Vance Crawford

Vance Crawford goes down on Haigen Sence in the bathroom. Unbeknownst to them, Johnny Rapid is in the stall jacking off. When they catch Johnny spying on them, Haigen and Vance drag him out and shove their dicks in his face. A sloppy cum shower is Johnny’s reward after a sleazy bathrooms spit-fuck.


Johnny takes two cocks

Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk & Jack King

Here’s some campus camaraderie in a communal shower. Tom Faulk walks in on Johnny Rapid while he’s going down on Jack King. They invite him to join in — with Johnny promising the best blowjob he’s ever had. Johnny and Tom take turns sucking Jack’s dick, and Johnny shoves both their cocks into his mouth at the same time. After Johnny gets spit-fucked, Jack and Tom give him a cum bath — with Johnny taking it right in the eye from Tom’s spurting cock.


Tom Faulk tops Vance Crawford

Tom Faulk & Vance Crawford

Campus slut Vance Crawford makes a move on hunk Tom Faulk in the john and gets fucked on the bathroom sink.


Tom Faulk tops Johnny Rapid

Tom Faulk & Johnny Rapid

Johnny Rapid as a former fattie (if you can believe that) who hooks up with his schoolboy crush Tom Faulk. Tom leaves Johnny thoroughly satisfied, based on the huge nut Johnny busts all over his tight tummy. Watch them fuck at Big Dicks at School.