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Pr0nographic Art: Blow Job

Notorious Andy Warhol art film — Blow Job brought to you by PornHub

The world’s first edge video has been preserved by The Museum of Modern Art. Andy Warhol’s infamous art film “Blow Job” features a closeup of a man’s face as he’s being orally serviced for nearly half an hour by an off-camera cocksucker.

Unlike most of Warhol’s other experimental films, “Blow Job” isn’t entirely unwatchable. Actually, its voyeuristic nature makes it strangely compelling. How often do you get to look directly at a man’s face while he’s enjoying a hummer?


“Walk On the Wild Side”

… Little Joe never once gave it away.
Everybody had to pay and pay.
A hustle here and a hustle there.
New York City’s the place
Where they said, “Hey, babe,
Take a walk on the wild side.”
I said, “Hey, Joe,
Take a walk on the wild side” …

Lou Reed’s song about the transsexuals, hustlers, and junkies in Andy Warhol’s stable of Superstars — including iconic male sex symbol Joe Dallesandro.

Send in the clown

Elizabeth Taylor Warhol painting

Looks like Liz got the last laugh. She arrived fashionably late to her own funeral — on purpose. She left instructions that her coffin should arrive 15 minutes after her funeral’s announced start time.

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