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Magic Mike naked butt shots

It’s the only reason to see this movie, so they pretty much have to show it. An R-rated Magic Mike trailer with naked ass shaking from most of the cast. Now we can debate who has the nicest ass.


The Magic Mike trailer

The studio’s been pandering to gays by releasing beefcake photos of the cast in various stages of undress to every GLBT site on the internet, but the official trailer shows Magic Mike for the chick flick that it actually is.

But will the Channing Tatum stripper movie have enough P&A (pecs & ass) or B&B (balls & buns) to make it watchable from beginning to end? Honestly, I was only ever planning to watch this like a porn video with one finger hovering over the fast forward button. But there’s no way I’d skip a movie that promises Joe Manganiello as a stripper fireman.