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Wikipornia: E-stim

Electric Stimulation

Until recently I had no idea what e-stim (erotic electrostimulation) was. Wikipedia shows us how it’s done.


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Wikipornia: Masturbation

Male adult masturbation

If you ever forget how it’s done, Wikipedia can show you how to masturbate.

Wikipornia: Ejaculation

Ejaculation intensity vertical

Ejaculation? What’s that? Wikipedia can show us!

Wikipornia: Taint

The Taint by David Shankbone

Anyone who doesn’t know what a taint is can see an example at Wikipedia.

Wikipornia: Condom demo

That’s right. You can even find an explicit demonstration of how to put on a rubber on Wikipedia.

Wikipornia: Cock ring

Some images you find when you look up “cock ring” on Wikipedia…


Wikipornia: Erection

I’m trying to forget the horror show that appears when you look up the word “erection” on Wikipedia. A surprising number of men are eager to register their shortcomings throughout the world. However, one image file stands out because the model (contributor J Ortiz) is well hung, and his video is hilarious. You have to click the image above to play the animation. Another shot of his junk after the jump…


Wikipornia: Auto fellatio

Autofellatio B-W

What happens when you look up sex words on Wikipedia? Here’s a sample of what you get when you look up “autofellatio.” Yes, I have the maturity of a fifth grader.