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Love & Lust — Wesley does Tyler

Wesley Woods & Tyler Roberts (Falcon Studios)

Tyler Roberts is soaking in the tub when his thick boner pops out of the suds. It’s a hard thing to ignore and Tyler doesn’t even try. He grabs it and wraps his fist around the shaft just as Wesley Woods walks into the bathroom to give him a helping hand. Tyler wants more than just a hand and hops out of the water to offer himself up for Tyler to savor with a nice long blowjob. After getting revved up, Tyler returns the favor to Wesley and gets the stud out of his tighty whities and hard as a rock with his warm and hungry mouth. The two horny studs take it to the next level and open each other up by taking turns rimming each other’s tight hairy asses. When Tyler sees that Wesley is fully opened and ready to be entered, he stands up and slowly slides his massive dick deep inside the muscled-up jock bent over in front of him. Tyler grunts and drives every inch deep into Wesley’s well-worked back door as Wesley screams out for more. With Tyler still deep inside of him, Wesley is the first to explode and shoots his seed up over his own head. Once Tyler sees Wesley’s pleasure, he pulls out and finishes himself off in Wesley’s wide-open mouth.” — Falcon Studios

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Love & Lust — Tyler Roberts

Gay porn star Tyler Roberts (Falcon Studios)

One of the highlights of Love & Lust in New Orleans is the scene where Tyler Roberts plays with his big, beautiful boner while taking a bubble bath. Get a closer look at his magnificent cock in his nude pin-up gallery after the jump…

photo source: Falcon Studios

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Tyler Marshall tops Ryan Jordan

Ryan Jordan & Tyler Marshall (Active Duty)

“Well who better to break in a fresh recruit than the one and only Ryan Jordan?! Ryan is back and he’s giving a lesson to sweet, inexperienced Tyler Marshall. We all remember Tyler from his smokin’ hot solo and we’ve convinced him to come back and hook up with another dude for his very first time. Of course, Ryan was quick to strip down to nothin’, and offer Tyler some help with his swelling cock. Tyler accepts and Ryan goes right to town on Tyler’s exceptionally large dick. Then Tyler stands up so he can put a little pushin’ into the fun, gently fucking Ryan’s face. I think with a little time and the right training, Tyler will be comfortably face fucking fellow recruits with a little more passion and confidence. Baby steps, Tyler!Then Tyler’s initiation kicks up to the next level as Ryan accepts Tyler’s hulking erection into his tender ass. Claude gets real tight so we can experience a little bit of what Ryan feels as Tyler pushes in and works up a medium pace, at least to start with. Then Ryan goes to his back to take some more good fucking from this squad rookie. Now y’all just ain’t gon believe the job Tyler does here. I think that massive dick has something to do with it, but he really gives Ryan a solid banging! And the finish is no let down! Tyler busts his healthy nut onto Ryan’s hole and smears his hot load around. Then both boys go to a couch where Ryan erupts a nice blast, and Tyler blows off ANOTHER thick, creamy load! Wow, this was an incredible display from a virgin newbie, and I know we’ll be seeing this absolute fuck machine in the near future.” — Active Duty


Quinn tops Tyler

CF Crush: Quinn — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Watch Corbin Fisher fan favorite Quinn take Tyler and his tight little tushy to pound town.


Tyler Marshall

Tyler Marshall (Active Duty)

“I’m excited to introduce y’all to Tyler Marshall. Tyler has an impeccably delicious body and, from the sound of it, sure pays his dues in the gym. Chatting with Claude, he even told his body fat percentage! This guy is dedicated to fitness and we’re reaping the benefits.Tyler starts out by peeling off that shirt and showing us his broad, muscular chest. He has just the right amount of hair to really set me off! He’s oiled himself up nicely up there, too. I do appreciate that. He goes from stroking on the couch to standing. Claude goes down low to show us an upwards view of Tyler’s strong cock and incredible balls. Oh yes, I said incredible! We get a nice view from Tyler’s perspective, looking down on that well-greased dong as it slides through that firm grip. And finally, we get Tyler back on the couch pumping out a nice cum blast for us. He has an excellent shot, all over his dick and balls. I love Tyler’s attitude and his physical prowess. Welcome to the squad!” — Active Duty


Tyler Sweet blows Doug Acre

Tyler Sweet on his knees in bondage giving Doug Acre a blowjob. (Fetish Force)

Doug Acre is in the process of tying Tyler Sweet‘s hands behind his back. Then he orders Tyler to kneel and suck him. Doug’s hand on the back of Tyler’s head provides the added thrust needed to get every one of Doug’s 9+ inches down Tyler’s throat. Tyler gasps and his saliva flies. Some of it runs down his pecs. Doug throws his head back in erotic satisfaction, running his hands over the hard planes of his lightly furred chest. He continues to feed cock to Tyler and to push Tyler’s head onto his cock to ensure the deepest penetration possible. Tyler sucks like he’s afraid to let go, begging Doug to ‘give me your load.’ He gets his wish in the form of a facial cum-basting that leaves him dripping with Doug’s jism. Doug licks some of the spooge off of Tyler’s face and they snowball it.” — Fetish Force


Tyler K.

Tyler K (All American Guys)

Standing tall at an impressive 5’11”, Tyler K. — a brown-haired, all-American boy next door — is a tall drink of water from the Lone Star State. See more of his stunning photos by Michael Downs after the jump…


Tyler Gattuso

Tyler Gattuso (All American Guys)

It’s fitness model and reality TV star Tyler Gattuso stripped down to his skivvies. Find more of this shirtless hunk at All-American Guys.


Landon Conrad tops Tyson Tyler

Man Power -- Tyson Tyler & Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion)

Landon Conrad has a taste for Tyson Tyler‘s smooth black ass. Landon pumps him hard and then feeds Tyson a hot, sticky load in Raging Stallion’s Man Power.


Tyler Hunt

Tyler Hunt

Hot straight guy Tyler Hunt wrings a juicy load out of his big dick after a hot workout at Straight Guys For Gay Eyes. Naked jack off pics after the jump…


Paddy O’Brian tops Jace Tyler

Men of UK -- Jace Tyler & Paddy O'Brian (The Abbey)

It’s Paddy O’Brian playing the role of Branson the Irish chauffeur and Jace Tyler filling the role of the forward-thinking Lady Sybil in Men of UK‘s gay porn parody of Downton Abbey.


Tyler blows Cody

Next Door World -- Tyler Morgan & Cody Cummings (Private Lusts)

Cody Cummings enjoys a blowjob on the down-low from his favorite boy-toy Tyler Morgan. Tyler’s so thirsty for Cody’s cum. He sucks his big dick until Cody feeds him a creamy load.


Dustin Tyler tops Johnny Rapid

Str8 to Gay -- Dustin Tyler & Johnny Rapid (The Shut In)

Johnny Rapid’s such an insatiable little nympho, even after he rubs one out he’s still horny as fuck. So he runs out into the street and propositions the first man he sees — in this case runner Dustin Tyler. Johnny brings him into his house, drops to his knees and begs for his dick. The open minded straight boy relents and pretty soon Johnny’s slurping on his stiff boner and riding his hard cock. Johnny finally gets some satisfaction when Dustin fucks him to orgasm and pops a load on his cute ass.


Christian Wilde & Tyler Sweet

Drill My Hole -- Christian Wilde & Tyler Sweet (Men Collector)

That insane fucker Christian Wilde just found his next victim. Insatiable power bottom Tyler Sweet is in for a rough ride as crazy Christian picks him up and uses him like a fuck puppet. Christian grabs him by the head and fucks his mouth, cramming his cock all the way down Tyler’s deep throat. Christian decides he wants a taste, so he picks Tyler up, flips him over and starts sucking his dick in a standing 69. Christian throws him down on the floor to piledrive his ass, fucking Tyler until his cock starts spurting cum. Then Christian pulls out and orgasms so hard he sends a blast of jizz straight into Tyler open mouth. He lets that thirsty little fuck lap up all his cum.