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Leather daddy Tony Ganz in B&W

Vintage gay porn star Tony Ganz

Friday Flashback: This week it’s Tony Ganz looking smoking hot in leather. He’s ready to show you who’s boss. See the rest of his pin-ups after the jump…

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Tony Ganz front ‘n’ back

Classic gay porn star Tony Ganz (Colt Studios)

Friday Flashback: Vintage big-dicked DILF Tony Ganz was a versatile porn daddy who was active during the mid-90s and early 2000s. Ruggedly handsome with a sculpted body and a hefty cock, he was sometimes paired with his real-life lover Mark Sierra. Check out his full-size pin-ups after the jump…

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Tony de Sergio

Horsehung male porn star Tony de Sergio

It’s a dirty laundry day for Tony de Sergio, a straight male porn star who made a handful of gay porn appearances in his misspent youth. See this horsehung porn stud stripped completely naked at the laundromat after the jump…


Tony Lombardy in B&W

Vintage nude model Tony Lombardy (Colt Studio)

Some vintage beefcake from the Colt Studio vaults. Cute and cuddly furry bear cub Tony Lombardy.


Paddy O’Brian tops Tony Gys

Men In Ibiza -- Paddy O'Brian fucks Tony Gys (Drill My Hole)

Paddy O’Brian’s back on top of things when he hooks up with handsome bottom Tony Gys. Tony goes down on Paddy and slobber’s all over his fat knob. Then the handsome cocksucker bends over to let Paddy play with his cute ass. Tony loves taking it up the butt. He jacks his hard cock while Paddy fucks him. Tony finishes Paddy off by sucking him to orgasm and gets a sloppy facial for his reward — his handsome face covered in cum.


“Austony: A Cockumentary”

Austony A Cockumentary — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Real life porn couple Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero invite Arnaud Chagall into their bedroom for a hot threeway. From the Cocky Boys doc Austony: A Cockumentary.


Tony Milan tops Arnaud Chagall

After taking one look at Tony Milan’s cock, Arnaud Chagall knew he had to have it inside him. Watch these two scruffy studs fuck until they cum over at Cocky Boys.


Tony Capucci

Tony Capucci

Flashback. Tony Capucci‘s jack off scene at Randy Blue from his original stint as a gay porn star.


Tony Capucci & Derrek Diamond

Derrek Diamond & Tony Capucci

Flashback to a scene between Derrek Diamond and the recently un-retired Tony Capucci. Derrek wakes up next to Tony, determined to get Tony’s plump, juicy cock inside him.



Can’t say I’m a TayTay fan. I’m here for the former gay porn star who plays one of her bodyguards. Back during his porn heyday he worked under a variety of names for various companies such as Dirty Tony (under the name Danny the Viking) and Playgirl (under the name Memphis Blake). But he’s probably best known as Kevin Falk, the alias he used when he was working at Randy Blue as a big, beefy versatile muscle bottom. Enjoy the video and check out some of Kevin’s porn work after the jump…


Danton Gary sucks six cocks

Danton Gary bukkake (Male Reality)

The sausage party continues. But this time Danton Gary’s blowing six big dicked buddies.


Tyler Sweet blows Doug Acre

Tyler Sweet on his knees in bondage giving Doug Acre a blowjob. (Fetish Force)

Doug Acre is in the process of tying Tyler Sweet‘s hands behind his back. Then he orders Tyler to kneel and suck him. Doug’s hand on the back of Tyler’s head provides the added thrust needed to get every one of Doug’s 9+ inches down Tyler’s throat. Tyler gasps and his saliva flies. Some of it runs down his pecs. Doug throws his head back in erotic satisfaction, running his hands over the hard planes of his lightly furred chest. He continues to feed cock to Tyler and to push Tyler’s head onto his cock to ensure the deepest penetration possible. Tyler sucks like he’s afraid to let go, begging Doug to ‘give me your load.’ He gets his wish in the form of a facial cum-basting that leaves him dripping with Doug’s jism. Doug licks some of the spooge off of Tyler’s face and they snowball it.” — Fetish Force


“But Alive”

Remember that time when Lauren Bacall got down at a groovy gay bar in Greenwich Village? From a 1973 TV broadcast, Bacall recreates her Tony Award-winning performance as Margo Channing in Applause, a musical based on the Bette Davis classic All About Eve.

RIP Lauren Bacall (September 16, 1924 – August 12, 2014)


“Don’t Stop Believing”

This is how fans of The Sopranos will always remember James Gandolfini. As Tony Soprano, a pugilistic mob boss who went out, not with a bang, but with a basket of onion rings while listening to Journey during a night out with the wife and kids.

James Gandolfini died today
of a possible heart attack while vacationing in Italy.


“Take My Breath Away”

RIP Tony Scott (1944 – 2012)

The man who directed one of the gayest movies about straight people, director Tony Scott, died on Sunday after jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge into Los Angeles Harbor. According to Quentin Tarantino in a famous tongue-in-cheek rant from the movie Sleep With Me, Scott’s definitive ’80s action flick Top Gun was a story about a man’s struggle with his own homosexuality.


Golden Gate: Best of Fucking

Golden Gate: Best Of Fucking Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Chris Porter gets a handjob from Brad Star while he rides Donny Wright‘s uncut cock in this hot threeway scene from Naked Sword’s web series Golden Gate.