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Adam Bryant tops Tommy Defendi

Love Gun -- Tommy Defendi & Adam Bryant (Drill My Hole)

Watch Adam Bryant fucks the cum out of horsehung, hairy chested stud Tommy Defendi.


Tommy Defendi & Joseph Rough

Hotel Hook-Up Scene 4: Let Yourself In — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Some hot, wet and steamy hardcore action in the shower. Joseph Rough goes down on Tommy Defendi, sucking his big, fat cock. Then Tommy bends him over and pounds his sweet ass.


Tommy Defendi tops Mike Dozer

Mike Dozer & Tommy Defendi

Mike Dozer‘s a horny plumber who needs to borrow Tommy Defendi‘s drain snake. Watch both these studs get their pipes cleaned in Raging Stallion’s Open Road Pt. 2.


Tommy Defendi tops Donnie Dean

Tommy Defendi & Donnie Dean

Tommy Defendi fucks Donnie Dean’s rosy round ass with his gigantic cock. Watch this scene from the hardcore feature Magnetism at RagingStallion.com!


Tommy Defendi tops Colby Jansen

Colby Jansen & Tommy Defendi

Big, burly top Colby Jansen thinks you either go big or go home. That’s why, after he decided to bottom for the first time, he let mega-hung Tommy Defendi break in his virgin ass with his monster cock.


Tommy Defendi tops Shawn Wolfe

Lowdown Dirty — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Tommy Defendi does all the work, but the star of this clip is Shawn Wolfe, who looks so fucking hot laying flat on his back with his legs in the air, presenting his tight ass for Tommy’s huge cock. The look on his face tells us that if he keeps getting pounded like this, he’s going to splooge all over himself.


Tommy Defendi & friends

Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi is the best kind of top. He’s a versatile top with a gigantic wang. More pics of Tommy solo and with friends after the jump…


Donny Wright & Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi wants Donny Wright's cock

Tommy Defendi sure looks like he’s enjoying Donny Wright’s cock. See him get fucked after the jump…


Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi

Tommy Defendi puts his big beautiful cock to good use at Cocky Boys.


Tommy Defendi tops AJ Irons

Tommy Defendi fucks AJ Irons

AJ Irons‘ mouth and ass get stretched to the limit by Tommy Defendi‘s massive manmeat in this scene from Falcon’s Big Rock Cove.


Tommy & Rocco do Tyler

Tommy Defendi, Tyler Morgan & Rocco Reed

The new guy, Tyler Morgan, gets a warm welcome from his co-workers Tommy Defendi and Rocco Reed, who give him two servings of tube steak during their lunch break. First they cram both their fat cocks into Tyler’s mouth, then they spit-fuck him on the table. It’s business as usual at The Gay Office.


“The Key Party”

Jake Steel, John Magnum, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi

I saw this in a movie once. It’s a great way to pass the time during an ice storm. Get a large group of friends together. Then let half of them toss their car keys into a bowl. The other half draws the keys out at random. The person who owns the keys you draw is the person you have sex with. Sounds fun, right?