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Nixon tops Sean

Sean & Nixon (Sean Cody)

“Newbie Nixon just can’t get enough, so he’s back for some more ass! Sean has a bit of a crush on the muscle stud. He likes everything about him, especially ‘his core and his arms,’ and as they were throwing the football around, Sean just enjoyed the view of the hottie in front of him. ‘I wanna throw it to him, but I just wanna see him standing there…’ Sean couldn’t wait to take Nixon on in the bedroom, and begged for more as Nixon gave him exactly that, and then some… ending with a nice facial. Nixon is definitely a keeper!” — Sean Cody


Sean & Dean flip-fuck

Dean & Sean (Sean Cody)

“Sean and Dean both know how to have fun and turn any situation into something entertaining — even building a bike together turned into a game for these two goofballs. It was time to talk business, though.

‘You guys have both bottomed and both topped, what’s today going to be like?’

Dean answered confidently, ‘I think we should both bottom and both top.’

After work came play, and after play came a different kind of play. Both Sean and Dean were really into each other, and you could tell they wanted to fuck badly. Sean fucked Dean first and really gave him something to work with. Then it was Dean’s turn to shove his dick up Sean’s ass. This scene proved to be a great, cum-filled flip-fuck with these versatile studs!” — Sean Cody


Tate tops Sean

Tate & Sean: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Tate, a power bottom, gets to top for a change. When he pounds gay-for-pay porn stud Sean, things get really nasty.


Stu barebacks Matt

Stu & Matt

Sean Cody stud Matt can’t wait to have a go at sexy Stu‘s cock. When he goes down on him, Matt tests his gag reflex by choking down Stu’s big dick. Then he bends over for a bareback fuck and lets Stu bang him until he blows a load.


Deacon & Asher flip-fuck

Deacon & Asher: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Deacon and Asher are already back! Their solo scenes were earlier this year, but now they’re coming together for a Sean Cody first… the real-life couple fuck bareback for us!

They’ve been together for 2 years, which we’ve mentioned is a lot in gay years!

Their story is classic: they bumped into each other at a bar, and the rest is history!

So, why Sean Cody?

Asher started, ‘We just thought it’d be a fun adventure, you know, something that we’ve never done…’

Deacon added to it, ‘Yeah, we wanted something to bind us together, and marriage just wasn’t enough so…’

They both laughed. ‘The internet is forever!’

That’s for sure. This goes without saying, but these two studs were smokin’ hot together! This flip-fuck is sure to hit the spot!” — Sean Cody


Chase tops Graham

Graham & Chase: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Yoga master Graham showed Chase the basics of yoga, and it was hot as hell! The poses that these two hunks were in left us wanting more…and boy, did they ever give more! Asses in the air, hot bodies being stretched, and a good post-workout fuck! ‘Gotta limber up before our next workout.’ Graham was all smiles watching Chase do those sexy yoga poses. ‘You gotta be flexible for sex to have it be really fun!’ This relaxing experience made both teacher and student very horny, and it was Chase’s turn to show Graham a more intense workout!” — Sean Cody


Randy, Dean & Cory threeway

Dean, Randy & Cory: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Everybody loves a good threesome, so since it’s been a little while, we’ve decided it was about time! We couldn’t have picked better guys for this threesome. Randy, Dean and Cory are hot, playful, and horny as hell! It was so much fun watching these studs play some football on the beach, especially when even football terms became sexual innuendos…. ‘We can run routes! Someone could play quarterback, someone could play defense, and someone is the receiver… you know?’ Randy had a grin on his face. After getting the guys all sweaty and wet, they couldn’t wait to get back to the house for some real fun! Every hole was filled with dick, and cum was everywhere…‘hot’ can’t even begin to describe it!” — Sean Cody


Kellin tops Joey

Kellin & Joey: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Kellin and Joey rolled in on a motorcycle and they couldn’t have looked any sexier…except for when they were shirtless running around a baseball field pitching and catching balls. ‘Who’s better at baseball?’ They both raised their hands. ‘Who’s a better catcher?’ They pointed at the each other. ‘Who’s a better pitcher?’ They both pointed to themselves. Kellin looked at Joey, ‘Wait, you know you catch.’ Joey looked proud, ‘I’m an all-star catcher.’ We weren’t talking about baseball anymore. After a long day playing in the sun, it was time for these two hotties to head back to the house and have some fun. ‘It’s time to go fuck!’ These beefy studs are very similar in that they both have calm but silly characters. On top of that, they are both sweethearts – which makes for a cute pairing – but when it comes to ass fucking and dick sucking, ‘cute’ is not very applicable…’hot’ is more like it!” — Sean Cody


Landon tops Manny

Manny & Landon: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Apparently, this is the week of comebacks (pun very much intended)! The handsome Landon is back to stick his huge dick into Manny’s hungry hole! ‘I’ve been traveling here and there and all over the place, really. It’s good to come back to Sean Cody, though…I missed it.’ Oh, we’ve missed you too, Landon! Manny couldn’t wait to jump the bones of one of our most missed models, and Landon was excited to try this new guy out! ‘You know your way around the block.’ Manny was digging for more. ‘Around the block, around the butt…there’s no difference! It’s all the same.’ Manny had a twinkle in his eye, especially when he saw what Landon was packing! Needless to say, these two studs were really into each other and the sex definitely reflected that! Landon gave Manny exactly what he wanted: a good pounding by a big cock, and a warm load deep inside of his ass!” — Sean Cody


Blake & Joey flip-fuck

Joey & Blake: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“After a leave of absence, Joey has returned! We’re so glad to have him back and so was he, especially because we paired him up with Blake! What to expect? Joey said it best: ‘Rough! We are going to pound town!’

Joey is such a sweet guy, and we just couldn’t picture him being too rough, but Blake begged to differ. ‘I bring out the best in people.’ He smirked.

They’re both mostly bottoms, but we wanted to give them both the opportunity to show everybody they can fuck ass just as well as they can take dick. ‘Just because you know how to take a dick, everyone thinks that you don’t know how to fuck. No!’ Blake made sure we all knew he meant business. This is surely to be a great flip-fuck with these two studs!” — Sean Cody


Jess tops Lane

Lane & Jess: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“One of our fan favorites is back for more ass! Jess just can’t get enough! Lane is lucky enough to get dicked by big-dick Jess in this cum-filled scene! These two studs decided to play some ball and show their baseball skills. Jess was the pitcher and Lane was the catcher… are we still talking about baseball?

After playing around a bit, Lane was ready for something a little more interactive, ‘I’m ready for that baseball bat now!’ All the while eyeing Jess’s bulge. ‘Ready for me to be a pitcher? You’re gonna catch.’

Jess threw that out there, but Lane stayed confident. ‘Oh, I’m gonna catch all day long!'” — Sean Cody


Liev tops Randy

Liev & Randy: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Since his last film, Liev has been begging to come back to fuck some ass. Liev has a reputation of being a little aggressive and dirty so we had to find him someone he wasn’t going to break. Randy was the perfect choice. ‘Holy fuck he’s a big dude!’ Liev was a little surprised at how big Randy was in person. ‘This is gonna be fun!’

We packed up our bags and headed up into the woods for the day to explore and cause some trouble. Randy and Liev took off and the rest was history. These two worked out, and goofed off the whole day… until Liev got a boner.

Back at the studio the sexual tension was thick and these two were ready to fuck. Liev and Randy really deliver and pull off a very impressive cum-filled scene. Keep an eye out for Liev shooting a huge load deep into Randy… Its impressive!” — Sean Cody


Robert tops Curtis

Robert & Curtis: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Robert is back! We were really excited to see him again because after his solo not too long ago, he hinted at the possibility of coming back, and here he is… this time for some ass! Curtis was generous enough to offer up his. It was hot to see these two studs have fun outside and take their shirts off to show off their bodies.

We noticed Robert eyeing Curtis’s rock-hard abs. ‘Oh! Washboard abs!’

You could tell he wanted to just take him back inside and fuck him. He went straight to town on Curtis’s hole and did a really good job for a first-timer!

We had to ask, ‘So how was it? It looks like it was a life-changing experience for you.’

Robert replied in his sexy southern accent with a grin from ear to ear, ‘It’s a new day, I’m a new man!'” — Sean Cody


Shaw tops Cole

Shaw & Cole: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“‘So I feel like each time I come back here I should try to push my limits further and further!’ Shaw said as we were in the car heading out to paddleboard.

‘What does that mean?’ Cole asked.

Shaw smiled a bit. ‘I have never had my ass eaten and I think that would feel pretty fucking good.’

Cole couldn’t hide the smile that slowly appeared across his face. ‘I’m really fucking excited! I’ve seen some of his stuff… he has a perfect ass!’

Shaw and Cole splashed around and goofed off on the boards until it was time to head back to the studio and push Shaw’s limits. When we got back however, one thing we were not expecting was to see a dick go in Shaw’s mouth.

‘I think I might be a fan of sucking dick!’ Shaw laughed.” — Sean Cody