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Jean Morocco

Hot naked twink Jean Morocco (Bel Ami Studios)

Jean Morocco — a sexy, sweet little twink naked on a candy cane-colored couch.


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Rocco & Johnny flip-fuck

Big Dicks At School -- Johnny Rapid & Rocco Reed fuck (Seducing the Professor)

Johnny Rapid’s the teacher’s pet. He makes the grade with Professor Rocco Reed by fucking him in the classroom.


Rocco Reed tops Johnny Ryder

The Gay Office - Rocco Reed fucks Johnny Ryder!

Johnny Ryder gives his ass to his secret gay lover Rocco Reed in Hotel Surveillance.


Tommy & Rocco do Tyler

Tommy Defendi, Tyler Morgan & Rocco Reed

The new guy, Tyler Morgan, gets a warm welcome from his co-workers Tommy Defendi and Rocco Reed, who give him two servings of tube steak during their lunch break. First they cram both their fat cocks into Tyler’s mouth, then they spit-fuck him on the table. It’s business as usual at The Gay Office.


Rocco Reed tops Tyler Morgan

Rocco Reed & Tyler Morgan

Tyler Morgan’s tight twink ass gets fucked by Rocco Reed because their mail got mixed up. Wait, what? Why would that happen? Oh well. It’s only porn. Don’t over think it. This scene has naked guys wearing neckties, which is a totally hot look, so just go with it.


Jack King tops Rocco Reed

Rocco Reed & Jack King

Every time Rocco Reed sees Jack King’s fine ass walk by in the locker room, he’s got to reach out and smack it. But one day Rocco goes too far by groping Jack’s butt cheek, and the cute straight boy makes Rocco pay for his constant sexual harassment.


Topher tops Rocco

Rocco Reed & Topher DiMaggio

Rocco Reed fakes an injury so he can get some TLC from the hospital’s sexiest male nurse Topher DiMaggio. Rocco’s gonna need a sponge bath after Topher gives him a cum bath.


“The Key Party”

Jake Steel, John Magnum, Rocco Reed, Spencer Fox, Phenix Saint and Tommy Defendi

I saw this in a movie once. It’s a great way to pass the time during an ice storm. Get a large group of friends together. Then let half of them toss their car keys into a bowl. The other half draws the keys out at random. The person who owns the keys you draw is the person you have sex with. Sounds fun, right?