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Landon tops Porter

Landon & Porter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Watch Porter (aka allegedly racist Andrew Christian model Jacob Ford) get pounded by Landon‘s big black dick.


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Sean tops Porter

Sean & Porter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

There was a time when the biggest thing Porter ever had up his ass was Randy’s gigantic cock. That all changed after he met Sean. Porter was so excited by the prospect of getting fucked by Sean’s big dick that he had a visible erection showing through his tight shorts during his interview. When Sean bends Porter over the couch you can here Porter’s hard cock thumping on the sofa cushions as Porter fucks him until he blows a load.


Rowan tops Porter

Rowan & Poter: Bareback (Sean Cody)

Rowan had such a gay ol’ time while fucking Porter it led him to have an epiphany about his sexuality. He might not be 100% straight. Gee, ya think?


Forrest tops Porter

Porter's cute ass gets fucked by Forrest. (Sean Cody)

Porter and Forrest have something in common. They both used to wrestle in high school. But instead of getting pinned Porter’s cute ass gets pounded. Forrest fucks him so hard, he almost busts a kidney.


Ross tops Porter

Sean Cody -- Porter & Ross: Bareback

Ross, the newcomer, gets broken in by Porter who treats him to his first ever boy-boy sexual experience. After fucking Porter to a thick, sloppy orgasm, Ross gets a raunchy surprise after he creampies Porter’s ass. The boyish bottom promptly drops to his knees so he can suck Ross’s cock clean. We’re talking ass-to-mouth! During round two, they each get off for a second time, and then they rub their sticky dicks together.


Dean tops Porter

Sean Cody -- Dean & Porter: Bareback

Looks like Dean and Porter made a real life love connection. During their off hours they went on a date, spending an afternoon at the midway and having dinner by the beach. Since Dean bought him nice meal, Porter’s willing to put out. So it’s back to the Sean Cody fuck house for two rounds of suck and fuck action, and we get to watch this beautiful new porn couple have multi-orgasmic sex. Dean rams his cock so far down Porter’s throat it makes his eyes water. Then he pounds his ass so hard, Porter screams, “God bless America!”


Zane Porter tops Scotty Marx

Zane Porter & Scotty Marx (Randy Blue)

Zane Porter and Scotty Marx put on a show for the fans. First Scotty deepthroats Zane, letting him ram his dick all the way down his throat until he chokes on it. Zane gives Scotty a sweet hummer, stroking and sucking his hard shaft. Then, after sampling Zane’s pink pucker, Scotty bends over and lets Zane fuck his tight hole. Zane fucks his hot brown ass every which way, including sideways, until he wrings a thick wad of cum out of Scotty’s cock. Scotty finishes Zane off by sucking his dick and letting him cum on his face.


Oliver tops Porter

Sean Cody -- Oliver & Porter: Bareback

Porter‘s been dreaming of the day when he can finally gets Oliver‘s cock. That day is finally here! Porter drops to his knees to give Oliver a good, old fashioned blowjob, taking a mouthful of cock and a handful of Oliver’s furry ass. When it’s time to fuck, Oliver goes balls deep, making Porter grunt as he pushes his big dick all the way into Porter’s jiggly butt. Oliver bangs him from behind until they both cum. But Oliver doesn’t stop. He puts it back in. And this time Porter lets Oliver cum inside him while piston pumping his hole.


Sawyer tops Porter

Sean Cody -- Sawyer & Porter: Bareback

Looks like resident sexpert SawyerPorter gets to turn another straight guy when Sawyer — who’s only kissed another guy before — gives up his gay virginity in his first boy-boy scene. Sawyer seems to know exactly what he’s doing, though, when he eats Porter’s ass and then fucks Porter until he blows his first load. Still raring to go, Porter rides Sawyer’s big, uncut dick as his own boner smacks Sawyer’s stomach as it bobs up and down. Then Swayer gets Porter on his back and pounds him to a second orgasm before pulling out and splooging all over Porter’s stomach. Porter finished by sucking Sawyer’s cock until it’s clean.


Jack tops Porter

Sean Cody -- Jack & Porter: Bareback

It’s like watch Goliath fuck David when Jack, a strapping 6’4″ stud, tops Porter, a slender bottom.


Kieran tops Porter

Force Rendezvous 3 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

With his ass in the air and his face to the mattress, Porter gets drilled by Kieran in Active Duty’s Force Rendezvous 3.


D.O. tops Chris Porter

Night Maneuvers Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Chris Porter’s taking a ride on D.O.’s disco stick in this butt-slamming hardcore fuck scene from Raging Stallion’s Night Maneuvers.


Derek Atlas tops Chris Porter

Derek Atlas fucks Chris Porter

Derek Atlas throws a rough fuck into Chris Porter‘s ass before cumming on his face.


Bryce Tucker tops Chris Porter

Bryce Tucker fucks Christ Porter

Bryce Tucker gets some rim, suck and fuck action from Chris Porter.


Porter Wescott & Josh Conners

Josh Conners & Porter Wescott

Porter Wescott deflowers Josh Conners.


Danny Harper tops Chris Porter

Danny Harper & Chris Porter

Danny Harper fucks Chris Porter good and hard. When he pulls out, he cums so hard most of his load ends up on Chris’ face. Hardcore pics after the jump…