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Paddy O’Brian fucks himself

Paddy O'Brian sitting on a dildo. (World of Men)

Remember that time when Paddy O’Brian dressed up like a hot Irish cop and fucked himself with a dildo? Paddy was still an anal virgin when he fucked himself in this scene from A Policeman Fucked My Son.


A Paddy O’Brian gang bang

Howl Pt. 4 -- Colby Keller, Dato Foland, Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian (Jizz Orgy)

Paddy O’Brian submits to a pack attack when he lets four men gang bang his muscular ass. Watch Colby Keller, Jessy Ares, Gabriel Clark and Dato Foland run a train on Paddy O’Brian.


Paddy O’Brian gets tag teamed

Howl Pt. 2 -- Gabriel Clark, Jessy Ares & Paddy O'Brian (Drill My Hole)

Just because he’s the leader of the pack doesn’t mean Paddy O’Brian can’t enjoy a good hump. Jessy Ares and Gabriel Clark do it doggystyle when Paddy lets them fuck his ass.


Paddy O’Brian gang bang

Prisoner of War -- A Paddy O'Brian gang bang (Jizz Orgy)

Paddy O’Brian’s not about to let his favorite boy-toy get used and abused. So when he finds him on his knees servicing Alex Brando, Gabriel Vanderloo and Damien Crosse, Paddy steps in and takes one — or more like three or four — for Allen King. Yes, it’s a Paddy O’Brian gang bang. But even though Paddy’s getting fucked like a bitch and showered in cum, he’s still the boss.


Alex Brando tops Paddy O’Brian

Drill My Hole -- Alex Brando fucks Paddy O'Brian's ass in Prisoner of War Pt. 2

Paddy O’Brian hairy man hole gets stretched to the limit when he bottoms for Alex Brando in Prisoner of War Part 2 at Drill My Hole.


Paddy O’Brian bottoms again

Paddy O'Brian & Gabriel Clark

Paddy O’Brian gave it up for the first time to Topher DiMaggio. Now he’s ready to give it another go in this flip-flop scene with Gabriel Clark, who is also normally a top. Paddy also eats some ass and sucks a cock shaped dildo. Watch Paddy get fucked again at Men of UK.


Paddy O’Brian tops Tate Ryder

Paddy O'Brian 
& Tate Ryder

Tate Ryder gets fucked by Paddy O’Brian, but the slutty little pig is such an enthusiastic bottom, you’d think he was the one taking advantage. From World of Men.


Manuel Rios gets DP’d again

Manuel Rios, Andrei Karenin, Brian Jovovich (Bel Ami Online)

Once again, Manuel Rios‘ hole gets filled by two dicks at once during this bareback threeway when he’s reunited with horny hunks Andre Karenin and Brian Jovovich.


Star Wars XXX — Episode V

Star Wars XXX -- Luke Adams

The Force is strong in Luke Skywalker when he gets stuffed full of a half dozen imperial penises during a Stormtrooper gang bang. Watch Luke Adams get fucked and showered in cum during the ass destroying climax of Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody.


Paddy & Goran flip-fuck

Gods of Men -- Goran & Paddy O'Brian (X Confession)

Goran works over Paddy O’Brian’s thick knob with his mouth. Then they take turns fucking each other.


Paddy & Theo fuck for Damien

Men of UK -- Damien Crosse, Paddy O'Brian & Theo Ford (Do As I Say)

Damien Crosse likes to watch. He orders Theo Ford to do Paddy O’Brian so he can jerk off while watching them fuck. When they finish fucking Damien eats their cum. It’s a kinky voyeurism scene from Men of UK.


Paddy & Leo flip-fuck

Paddy O'Brian & Leo Domenico

Paddy O’Brian gives Leo Domenico a taste of his cock. Then they take turns fucking each other while a pervy voyeur secretly tapes their tryst. Watch Paddy O’Brian get fucked in the ass again in part two of Voyeur at Men of UK.


Paddy & Dato flip-fuck

Paddy O'Brian & Dato Foland

It’s the end of the world, and neither Dato Foland nor Paddy O’Brian want to die an anal virgin. (OK, so maybe that ship has sailed…) So they take turns fucking each other. Watch these two excellent tops get fucked in the ass at Drill My Hole.


Paddy tops Marco again

Paddy O'Brian & Marco Sessions

Marco Sessions is back for more. He’s been fucked by Paddy O’Brian before, but he just can’t get enough of that big, beautiful cock, and he wants another dickin’. From World of Men.