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Nicky tops Graham

Nicky & Graham: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Hot newcomer Nicky is back to pound some ass, and Graham is offering his own tight hole for the taking! We asked Graham if Nicky was his type, ‘I don’t really have a type as of late, I’ve just been kinda going with it.’ But knowing what has been said about Nicky, he quickly became a person of interest, ‘Yes, oh yeah. Especially if the rumors about him are true…’ ‘What are the rumors?’ Graham whispered enthusiastically, ‘He’s got a big dick…big! That’s my type actually…it just gotta be big!’ Well, not only did he get the big dick he wanted up his hole, but he also got a face and mouth full of Nicky’s hot load! Some people just always get what they want…” — Sean Cody



Nicky (Sean Cody)

Nicky is an absolute hottie. As we were trying to get to know him better, all we could focus on was his hard-on poking up behind his shorts. He was already hard this early on, so we knew we had to keep it short. ‘Ah, you know. It just happens casually… I’m just feeling it, I’m ready!’ Yes, he was. That big, hard cock of his was definitely ready for its close-up!” — Sean Cody


Captain America XXX — Steve Rogers & Nick Fury

Alex Mecum & XL in Captain America XXX (Super Gay Hero)

Steve Rogers is done taking orders from Nick Fury. This time he’s going to show him who’s boss in part 4 of Captain America: A Gay XXX Porn Parody.


Nick Chase

Nick Chase

This Colt Legend, Nick Chase, is the former mayor of West Hollywood. What, you think a cock shot would ever stop the people of California from putting a guy in office? A well known AIDS activist under his real name (Steve Schulte), he’s currently a health care advocate.

More nude photos of Nick from Colt Studios after the jump…


Nick Sterling tops Brandon Jones

Hotel Hook-Up Scene 2: Daddy’s Boy — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Nick Sterling sucks Brandon Jones‘ uncut cock. Then he flips him over and nails his tight ass.


Nick & Alex flip-flop

Apline Wood Part 2 -- Alex Graham does Nick Sterling

Alex Graham has a hard-on for Nick Sterling‘s big, beautiful bubble butt in this flip-flop fuck scene from Falcon Studios’ Alpine Wood Part 2.


Nick & Ryan flip-fuck

Ready to Fuck -- Nick Sterling and Ryan Rose fuck each other!

Ever since his return to porn Nick Sterling‘s been putting his glorious bubble butt to good use in some excellent bottoming scenes. But this time he flips the script on Ryan Rose and does some excellent topping in Falcon’s Ready to Fuck.


Angel Rock tops Nick Sterling

Alpine Wood - Part 1 : Angel Rock, Nick Sterling

I don’t see any bubbles in that bath, but I do see a big, beautiful bubble butt. Nick Sterling goes rub-a-dub-dub with Angel Rock in Falcon’s Alpine Wood.


Bobby Clark tops Nick Sterling

Bobby Clark fucks Nick Sterling in Falcon's Best Buddies

Bobby Clark gets a piece of Nick Sterling‘s ample ass in Falcon Studios’ Best Buddies.


Nick Speedman tops Justin Owen

Justin Owen & Nick Speedman

Justin Owen teaches Randy Blue newbie Nick Speedman how to fuck like a gay porn star. Nick’s a quick study who slams Justin hard before dropping a load on his cute ass.


Axl tops Nick Tower

Tower Watch 2 — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Muscular blond military stud Nick Tower is learning to love the feel of a hard cock sliding in and out of his ass. He stays rock hard as Axl slips him the bone, and Axl’s nice enough to give him a reach around. From Active Duty’s Tower Watch 2.


A Nick Tower sandwich

Tower Watch — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Nick Tower is the meat in a military hunk sandwich. And it looks like that big cock he’s taking up his virgin hole is in for a tight fit. From Active Duty’s Tower Watch, which features Nick in all three hardcore scenes.


Nick Dent

Nick Dent (aka Reese Rideout)

Now where have I seen this guy before? Those butt cheeks seem very familiar to me. Wait… wait… It’ll come to me.




Dominick’s a cute little twink with a really big dick. More naked pics from Chaos Men after the jump…