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Who cares if Adam Levine went shirtless? We’ve seen his ass before!

Adam Levine shirtless during Super Bowl halftime show.

Super Bowl LIII disappointed many from the game itself to the lame commercials and panned halftime performance by Maroon 5. What people did seem to like, however, was Adam Levine’s shirtless chest. The internet has been abuzz ever since to talk about all of his many tattoos and muscles.


Television nudity roundup

So Grey Worm doesn’t have a dick, but he just might have the finest ass in all of Westeros, and we get to see it when Jacob Anderson gets sullied in his first nude love scene on Game of Thrones. See it now in this roundup of male TV nude scenes.

video source: Mr. Man


Jordan Levine tops Dennis West

Jordan Levine & Dennis West (Drill My Hole)

Jordan Levine is confronted by The Ghost of Christmas Future in Part 3: Dennis West. Dennis helps him realize there’s more to life than signing deals and getting the job done, such as sucking a hard cock and ramming a tight ass full of his beautiful dick. Jordan slobbers down on Dennis’ man meat before Dennis returns the favor. Jordan pummels Dennis’ hole, working himself deep into that ass until both men explode.” — Drill My Hole


Jordan Levine tops Wesley Woods

Jordan Levine & Wesley Woods (Drill My Hole)

Jordan Levine is visited by The Ghost of Christmas Present — Wesley Woods. Jordan’s disrespectful ways are challenged when he can’t remember Wesley, even though he fucked him on the plane ride home. The guys quickly get down to business as Jordan remembers that hot piece of ass. Jordan fits right back in and pounds Wesley’s beautiful ass with his raging hard-on.” — Drill My Hole


Jordan Levine tops Scott Riley

Scott Riley & Jordan Levine (Drill My Hole)

Jordan Levine is stopping off at home for Christmas for the first time in a while. It has been so long, his parents have left town expecting him to be a no-show. After dozing off in his childhood room, his old flame Scott Riley appears as the Ghost of Christmas Past. The boys take turns slobbering on each other’s cocks before Scott hops on top of Jordan for a ride. He fucks Scott’s delicious hole until they both shoot their creamy loads.” — Drill My Hole


Brodie tops Levi

Levi & Brodie: Bareback (Sean Cody)

“Newcomer Levi enjoyed jerking off on camera so much that it didn’t take long for him to come back to us for some more action. This time, with somebody else… Brodie!

The hunky top did some homework before meeting Levi. ‘I saw how petit he was, you know, I like ‘em small.’ It’s Brodie’s kink so he was excited to get started. ‘I think I’ll just go ahead and manhandle him.’

We went ahead and asked Levi what kind of dicks he likes. His eyes widened, ‘Big ones! I just like them long and girthy.’ He pointed at Brodie’s dick. ‘He’s equipped for the job!’

It was a really hot day, and Levi decided that Brodie needed to cool off so he pushed him into the pool. Playing tricks can be fun, but you have to be prepared to suffer the consequences. Brodie gave Levi what he deserved… a rock hard cock down his throat and a rough fuck to show him who’s boss. Of course, Levi was totally okay with that, and it was crystal clear that they were both satisfied when all was said and done!” — Sean Cody


Jordan Levine & Brett Beckham

Jordan Levine & Brett Beckham (Randy Blue)

After Jordan Levine gets a taste of Brett Beckham‘s ass, he makes Brett cum by pumping his cock into him.


Colby Keller tops Levi Madison

Colby Keller & Levi Madison

Colby Keller sweeps Levi Madison off his feet during this Relentless suck and fuck session.


Duncan Black tops Levi Karter

Super cute and versatile porn pups Duncan Black and Levi Karter team up for a flip-flop fuck scene. Duncan has the first go at Levi’s cute ass. Then Duncan bends over to give Levi a turn.


Levi Karter j/o

Cute Cocky Boy Levi Karter alone and having some happy fun time with some battery powered toys — a vibrating butt plug, some cock sleeves, penis pumps…


Chris Bines blows Jordan Levine

Ass Sex In The City — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Chris Bines goes down on Jordan Levine’s big dick in this scene from Randy Blue’s Ass Sex In The City.


Zach, Asher & Levi 3-way

Three beautiful, brunette boy-toys — Asher Hawk, Levi Karter & Zach — suck and fuck each other during a hot threeway. Watch the rest of this scene at Cocky Boys.


Jordan Levine tops Levi Michaels

Jordan Levine & Levi Michaels

Jordan Levine is an aggressive top who takes ownership of Levi Michaels‘ cute twinky ass.


Ty does Levi & Hayden

Handsome blond Hayden Lourd is going at it with cute brunette Levi Karter, who’s riding his cock when hunky Ty Roderick steps up and makes Levi choke on his cock. Ty’s gonna show these boys how a man does it. See the rest of this hot threeway at CockyBoys.


Hayden Lourd tops Levi Karter

Levi Carter jacks off while bouncing his cute ass on Hayden Lourd’s stiff cock in this sexy flip-fuck scene from Cocky Boys.


Nicco Sky tops Levi Michaels

Nicco Sky & Levi Michaels

Randy Blue legend Nicco Sky gets to break in former cam boy Levi Michaels in his first hardcore boy-boy scene. Nicco’s gonna fuck him and then feed him some cum.