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Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole

The Listener -- Jarec Wentworth & Nicoli Cole (Drill My Hole)

Jarec Wentworth gives Nicoli Cole exactly what he wants — fucking him so good Nicoli has a hands-free orgasm.


Jarec Wentworth tops Nicco Sky

Nicco Sky & Jarec Wentworth

When bossy bottom Nicco Sky meets hairy hunk Jarec Wentworth, Nicco gets a taste of Jarec’s cock and fucks Jarec’s throat. Then Nicco orders Jarec to fuck him.


Jarec Wentworth

Jarec (07)

Jarec Wentworth‘s got a chiseled bodied, peppered with just the right amount of chest hair. He also has a tremendous sexual appetite, and likes to fool around with both men and women. Watch him stroke his uncut cock until he nuts all over the cameraman in his first Randy Blue solo.


Phenix bottoms for Jarec

Body Shots -- Phenix Saint & Jarec Wentworth (Str8 to Gay)

Phenix Saint is a horny photographer who takes a page out of Terry Richardson’s playbook by sexing up one of his models. If model Jarec Wentworth wants another job, he’s going to have to put out.


Sebastian bottoms for Jarec

Master -- Jarec Wentworth fucks Sebastian Young (Drill My Hole)

Sebastian Young is tired of being a top. He wants to hook up with someone who can toss him around and put him in his place. Jarec Wentworth is the man for the job — a bossy top who makes Sebastian choke on his dick before he bends him over to impale his luscious bubble butt.


Trace seduces Jarec

Nothing But Ass -- Jarec Wentworth fucks Trace Kendall (Str8 to Gay)

Trace Kendall sets his sights on hot straight boy Jarec Wentworth when he sees him on the basketball court. During a round of one-on-one, a sports injury becomes the perfect opportunity to get Jarec into bed, and he doesn’t put up much of a protest when Trace offers to treat the swollen muscle in his shorts. Trace rides Jarec’s dick. Then Jarec fucks him missionary style until he rubs out a load before cumming all over Trace’s face.


Colby Keller bottoms again

Colby Keller & Jarec Wentworth

Gay porn superstar Colby Keller has electrifying chemistry with hairy hunk Jarec Wentworth when stops by Randy Blue for a bottoming scene. Colby’s an insatiable cocksucker and an enthusiastic bottom. And he’s happy to swallow nearly every drop when Jarec shoots a load straight into his open mouth.