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Penis enlargement (Yeah, right!)

Penis enlargement spam wouldn’t be so obnoxious if it came with videos like this. The dude from the penis relaxation video (model Steffen Berlin) demonstrates some dick enlargement techniques. As if he wasn’t swinging large to begin with. I love how the British narrator makes this cock stroking video sound like a National Geographic documentary about gazelles. He really classes up the joint.


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How to relax your penis

In case you’ve had trouble figuring out how to do it, this naked blond hunk (model Steffen Berlin) demonstrates some masturbation techniques on his gigantic uncut dick while watching himself in a mirror. Go ahead, try it. Are you feeling relaxed yet?


Subliminal Fight Club penis

Fight Club cock shot

Does this cock look familiar? Because I’d like to put out an APB for the guy who owns it. By APB I mean “All Penis Bulletin.”

This is the cock shot that Fight Club‘s anarchist antihero Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) splices into a children’s film. At the end of movie itself, it flashes briefly onscreen right before the credits start to roll over the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?”

If I had to guess, I’d say it came from one of the vintage porn companies. I’m getting a Fox Studio vibe. Or maybe Bijou.

Video clip of the subliminal cock shot and another screen grab after the jump…


The 3rd Annual Manatomy Awards

“Welcome to the third Annual Mr. Man Manatomy Awards, where we celebrate the year’s hottest male celebrity nudity across all of film and television. Our 43 categories cover Best Butt, Best Gay Scene, Best Full Frontal, and, of course, our Lifetime Achievement Award featuring a Hollywood hottie with nine nude appearances so far! We’ve worked *long* and *hard* to *uncover* all of the best nude scenes in film and television, and some of this year’s highlights include Zac Efron’s penis, Disney star Garrett Clayton’s bubble butt, and unbelievable unsimulated gay sex from the foreign movie Théo & Hugo.” — Mr. Man


Star Wars XXX — Episode V

Star Wars XXX -- Luke Adams

The Force is strong in Luke Skywalker when he gets stuffed full of a half dozen imperial penises during a Stormtrooper gang bang. Watch Luke Adams get fucked and showered in cum during the ass destroying climax of Star Wars: A Gay XXX Parody.


Angel Rock tops Sean Duran

My Doctor Rocks — Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

Dr. Angel Rock uses his penis to give his bubble butted patient Sean Duran a rather thorough prostate exam. Erectile dysfunction is clearly not an issue.


Levi Karter j/o

Cute Cocky Boy Levi Karter alone and having some happy fun time with some battery powered toys — a vibrating butt plug, some cock sleeves, penis pumps…


Jesse Santana

Jesse Santana

Looks like Jesse Santana‘s ass and pierced penis are ready for his flip-fuck with Mitchell Rock. Some smutty nude glamour shots of the porn superstar from Raging Stallion’s Hole 2.


Jet keeps on cumming

Jet & Vander

Now here’s something really unique. A multi-orgasmic gay fuck scene with a grand total of eight cum shots. Seven of those cum shots erupt from Jet’s perpetually hard penis. The first happens while Vander’s sucking his dick. His semen starts spurting as Vander laps it up. Jet and Vander share a cum kiss. Jet cums five more time while Vander fucks him with his thick cock. And then he splooges a seventh time as Vander drops some jizz on his ass.


Pumped to the edge

Edge 5 Watch Full HD movie now in Excellent Top Gay VOD

This cute bound blindfolded dude (Kent Reeves) lets his buddy Ransom work his pretty cock with his mouth and a penis pump. But his buddy won’t let him cum. Not right away at least. A prick teasing scene from Chaos Men’s Edge 5.


The Hump Day Roundup

Chris Bines

Looking back on March 23-30, 2011 — give or take a few days. Here’s what I’ve been reading about on the intertubes…


Wikipornia: Cock ring

Some images you find when you look up “cock ring” on Wikipedia…


Wikipornia: Erection

I’m trying to forget the horror show that appears when you look up the word “erection” on Wikipedia. A surprising number of men are eager to register their shortcomings throughout the world. However, one image file stands out because the model (contributor J Ortiz) is well hung, and his video is hilarious. You have to click the image above to play the animation. Another shot of his junk after the jump…