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Josh Moore tops Taylor Reign

Taylor Reign is a submissive bottom who loves getting dominated, and Josh Moore is ready to fulfill Taylor’s fantasy. With Taylor bound and blindfolded, Josh uses Taylor’s body for his own pleasure, keeping him on the edge with a rimjob and spanking before he finally fucks Taylor’s tight ass.


Brute tops Ryan Rose

Ryan Rose & Brute (Falcon Studios)

“As Ryan Rose makes coffee in the kitchen, English hottie Brute makes his move for Ryan’s morning wood. They start to kiss as Brute grasps Ryan’s stiff cock. Pulling off Ryan’s shorts, Brute takes a mouthful of Ryan’s throbbing meat. Ryan’s perfect body is on full display, and his washboard abs ripple. Stripping off Brute’s clothes, Ryan uncovers the Euro stud’s thick, uncut cock, and alternates between impressive deep throating and tonguing the inside of the foreskin. Ryan leans over a table and spreads his cheeks for Brute to tongue Ryan’s tight hole. With Ryan’s ass begging to get fucked, Brute thrusts his cock deep in Ryan, doggy style. Moving to a chair, Brute sits down and invites Ryan to ride his cock. With sweat starting to glisten on their skin, Ryan grinds his big cock into Brute’s chest as he fucks himself on Brute’s girthy meat. Turning around, Ryan jerks his cock while riding Brute’s, spewing a giant load on the floor. Ryan gets on all fours and sticks his ass up in the air to be Brute’s target, and Brute jerks out a massive load that splatters Ryan’s ass with wet, white cum.” — Falcon Studios


Theo Ford tops Brenner Bolton

Brenner Bolton & Theo Ford (Falcon Studios)

Brenner Bolton and Theo Ford are kicking back on the sofa. Brenner’s face is buried in the fur on Theo’s chest, and he’s squeezing the growing lump in Theo’s white briefs. He pulls out Theo’s fat, veiny cock and sucks deeply, alternately swallowing it all and nibbling the foreskin. Brenner pauses to explore Theo’s body with his hands, then resumes sucking. They lie for a while with their limbs interlocked, savoring the friction of skin on damp skin. Theo massages Brenner’s buns and explores the warm crevice and hole he intends to fuck. His tongue and fingers pave the way for his cock, and leave Brenner clutching at the pillow. Backs arched, their hips slam together. Brenner cranes his neck and offers a wet kiss urging Theo to pound harder. He flips onto his back and grabs his cock, hooking the other arm behind a knee to afford deeper access to his hole. His smooth pecs and flat abs clench and tighten from the edging orgasm. Brenner shouts as his cock explodes in streams of spooge that hit his neck. Theo pulls out his cock and, with a shudder, matches Brenner’s load.” — Falcon Studios


Ryan & Pierre flip-fuck

Magnitude -- Ryan Rose & Pierre Fitch (Falcon Studios)

Pierre Fitch does a handstand during his acrobatic flip-flop scene with versatile top Ryan Rose in Falcon’s magnificent fuckfest Magnitude.


Letterio Amadeo & Sean Zevran

Sidewinder -- Sean Zevran & Letterio Amadeo (Raging Stallion)

After lovingly licking Letterio Amadeo‘s big, uncut dick, Sean Zevran bends over and gives up his luscious bubble butt. It’s some hot cowboy action from Raging Stallion’s Sidewinder.



Sergei (Sean Cody)

Watch sexy Sergei, a horsehung muscle twink, stroke his enormous, uncut cock. See him slide that foreskin up and down his thick shaft during his two-fisted jack off session.


Randy tops Michael

Sean Cody -- Randy & Michael: Bareback

Randy fills Michael‘s tight little Asian ass with his uncut, girthy cock. This is Michael’s first time getting fucked by a guy who still has foreskin.


Reid tops Duncan

Sean Cody -- Reid & Duncan: Bareback

Reid, a scruffy stud with an easygoing attitude, returns to Sean Cody after a two-year absence and gets paired with Duncan for his first man-on-man sex scene.

Duncan gives him a sweet blowjob, sliding the foreskin up and down Reid’s uncut shaft. Then Duncan sits down on Reid’s slippery cock and grinds his smooth bubble butt on his dick. Reid bends Duncan over for a ball-slapping butt fuck and pounds his ass until Duncan’s cock starts spurting. Reid busts his nut inside Duncan’s ass, delivering an anal creampie.

But wait! There’s more. Reid keeps Duncan hard by sucking his cock. Then he slides his dick back up Duncan’s ass and fucks him to a second round of cum spurting orgasms.


Billy Scott

Billy Scott

Billy Scott, a horsehung all-American farm-boy, plays with the foreskin on his big uncut dick…