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D.O. & Donato Reyes flip-flop

Passion -- D.O. & Donato Reyes fuck each other (Men of UK)

Even though he’s a world famous top, gay porn superstar D.O.’s been known to give up his beautiful ass when paired with the right guy. That’s what happens during this passionate encounter with Donato Reyes. Watch Donato fuck the cum out of D.O. at Men of UK.


Topher DiMaggio & Donato Reyes

Topher DiMaggio & Donato Reyes fuck

Donato Reyes bottoms for Topher DiMaggio in part one of Suite 33.


Paddy O’Brian tops Goran

Paddy O'Brian fucks Goran

Some manly man on manly man action when Paddy O’Brian meet Goran for a sensuous session in Suite 33.


Topher DiMaggio & Dato Foland

Topher DiMaggio fucks Dato Foland after sucking his cock.

Topher DiMaggio and Dato Foland take turns blowing each other. Then Topher fucks Dato’s sexy ass in Suite 33.